February 16, 2016

Writers in the House by Loretta Bouillon

I can see the value in belonging to a writer’s group.  Unfortunately, we don’t have such a group in our little town of a thousand people.  I suppose I could start one but I’m not really at that place in my life to do so. I am, however, very blessed to live with another writer.

My 18 year old daughter is a true born, through-and-through writer.  She has been journaling and writing stories since she was five. Throughout the day she spends time in her head with the characters of her various stories; and to relax she spends time on her bed with large story boards propped up around her.  The other night she came home from a five hour bus ride excited to write because she had been developing her story in her mind all that time. I wish I was that kind of writer but I am not. I joke and tell her that I want to be just like her when I grow up! J

I tend to write about reality: a memoir, devotions, short magazine articles, and blog about life with my teens. However, we are both writers and God calls us to exercise our gift in different ways. When life is going relatively smoothly for me I write a lot; for all to see. When life throws some curve balls, I become a solitary writer for God’s eyes only. Sometimes I think I am writing to build my testimony. One day, I might share it to help other’s that are walking in the same place.  But for now, I just write my feelings, my experiences, my joy and my prayers.

It’s handy living with another writer. She proof-reads all my writing and critiques it honestly. She encourages me and inspires me. Next September I lose my built in editor as she ventures off to university… Maybe then, it will be time to start a writer’s group in this little town.


  1. Thank you for this insightful peek into your house! You are definitely going to miss her when she leaves home.

  2. Anonymous8:43 am GMT-7

    Violet Moore here: That is so awesome! You might have to get her critic's over the internet. :)
    My hubby smiles at my enthusiastic comments about what I'm writing and says, "You talk like they're real people."
    Then again, they have to feel like real acquaintances after so much thought and energy. :) Thanks for sharing, Loretta. And yes, when the time is right you'll share those memoirs of yours, whether it be for one person or for a public audience. Be blessed as you continue to write from your heart.

    1. Violet, you're encouragement was so timely today! Thank you. Blessings to you too :)

    2. Delightful look at writing, neat that you share the writing passion with your daughter. I appreciated your line that:you "are both writers and God calls us to exercise our gift in different ways." The pathway of writing is very personal.

  3. Awww I love that you and your daughter have your writing in common, like my mom and I do, and I agree that with email and Skype and such things you can look forward to continuing being writing buddies!

  4. So glad you have had your daughter to share your writing with. I'm sure it will continue despite the separation.

  5. I can relate already. I too like writing memoir pieces and when things are not going so well, I feel the need to write. There is no writers group in my area either. I would need to drive to a the city and I can't say that I am ready to start my own group. We have some things in common. For sure, God is at the helm of my writing and there are some things I have written for his eyes only. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  6. I can identify very much with your statement, "When life throws some curve balls, I become a solitary writer for God’s eyes only." It is when, not if, life throws us curve balls, or so it seems to me. At such times, I write to sort out what I am thinking and learning and I pray on paper.

    How special that you have a writing group of two right in your home. I have heard others in our InScribe group bemoan the fact that they don't have a writing group close to them. You might benefit from corresponding with others in the same situation. This could become a partnership or a group of two, three, or four writing friends, who could critique each other's work and inspire one another to keep on writing.


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