May 22, 2007

The Glory of Sunshine

Published in 2006 on I couldn't resist sharing it because it says it all.


What a glorious day to share! Our skies are open with the cerulean clarity that comes after a frosty night. This corner of the earth has begun to nestle itself closer to the sun, awakening to the warmth of that generous satellite. I turn my face to its sympathetic brightness and drink in the elements that our dark and cold winter has denied me.

Ah spring! It is a temperamental lover. One moment it turns its back on us with a raging tempest, throwing its tears and blasts in dark, thunderous bursts. And then it distances itself with an icy aloofness, chilling our little nook with its cold and bitter indifference. But then it turns to us, wraps us in its alluring and heady hold and offers its bright and fragrant splendor as a placating gesture. And all we can do is bask in its beauty, awestruck that it is merely a shadow--a feeble image--of our Master's magnificence. A mere product of the Creator's hand.

And so I embrace Spring's fragrances--the lilac scented air swirling about me intermingled with lily of the valley and allium, their sweet and spicey pollens clinging to my sleeves as I caress the garden's bountiful blossoms. Honey bees share their chorus today, pleased that Spring has forgiven us and chosen to bestow her favours on all and sundry. The humming birds have made their entrance, darting to and fro in an eratic ballet, their wings adding a base note to the fervant music around me. I can feel the energy of the day and am grateful to be alive and part of this incredible moment.

May 17, 2007

The Deep Wide Valley - Walk With Me

How do you know the extent of my deep trials? I was suddenly thrust into the slidden condition of despair. The valley grew wider; my feet grew weary. It was a long and treacherous path. I couldn't see an end in sight, so I wandered on aimlessly, hoping to find answers, a way out, a light in view, anything.......

Who was there to talk with? Who was willing to listen to my meaningless woes? Where are all the others who say they know what it's like to encounter despair? We each go through the valley alone, I guess. Yeah, they're out there, but in a different valley. They wouldn't be found walking in my valley. There must be so many valley's. How vast is our land!

Wait a minute, I've been here before. It wasn't the same trudge, but I remember this terrain. Time seems so long down here. There must be a fresher clearer air beyound the cloud of doubt and despair. Of course it is, I remember the climb back up the last valley that I had broken through. I broke through those clouds. It was as if I broke through a thick film of darkness and when I did, the darkness was over. All was bright and glorious. It was almost as if it never happened at all.
In fact, I hardly remember why I walked there before.

Still, here I a new time frame, a new valley. I will climb my way back out. I will burst forth and discover a new meaning and joy of life again!

Copyright Janice Keats