February 28, 2016

How I Reconnect With You - Bruce Atchison

Last month, I posted on this blog about my goal to write with fewer distractions. Working in a different room on a computer with no Internet connection helps me do that quite well. But there are times when I need to connect with writers.

One way to reconnect is to meet writers for lunch. I live in a tiny hamlet. Consequently, I have no writer friends locally. Being legally blind, I can't just drive to the city to meet writers. Whenever the county gives me a lift on the seniors' excursions to Edmonton, I often invite any writers there to meet me for lunch. We've had plenty of good fellowship during those meals.

Another way I reconnect with people is through e-mail lists. I like e-mail because I answer the letters and posts at my convenience. Phone calls invariably disturb me so I tend not to enjoy them. Neither do I call people unless I need information or to impart relevant news.

For those who like to attend meetings but can't due to distance or inclement weather, Skype meetings are an excellent tool. With a camera and a headset, we writers can schedule a meeting and enjoy the next best thing to being together. I've yet to do this but I'm hoping to some day.

Reading blogs is another handy way to reconnect. I enjoy reading writing tips as well as commiserating with my peers. As we read in Galatians 6:2, Take on yourselves one another's troubles, and so keep the law of Christ.

As you can read here, writers need not be alone. Folks like us can meet vicariously through technology when it's impossible to meet face to face. Though lunch meetings are the most enjoyable method of companionship, we still can fellowship one with another anywhere in the world. How nice it is to be a twenty-first century writer.


  1. Sometimes it takes persistence but connecting is important

  2. Sometimes it takes persistence but connecting is important

  3. Hi Bruce. I am a fellow hamlet-ite, although it is only 15 min. to Moose Jaw for me and 45 min into Regina. Still, one can get isolated, especially as I have not found a writer's group that I can feel connected with. I am going to keep trying after reading your post and the one previous. I agree thought that Skype would be at least something when we can't meet.

  4. Yes, technology is amazing these days and I'm glad we can all connect in this way.

  5. You have come up with good solutions, Bruce, to connect with people. I generally read the conversations you take up on the ListServe, and I sometimes read of your meeting fellow InScribers in Edmonton. Good for you. You also remind me how fortunate I am to have a long-standing date with fellow writers in the town where I live on the second Monday of each month. Our meetings do cover a lot of writerly ground.


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