November 30, 2022

Invitations to the Unexpected by Sandi Somers

As you look back over your writing year, be kind and gracious to yourself.

~Susan Flory~

This month as our blog writers reflected on their year nearly completed, they wrote on their verse and/or word of the year. Most spoke with gratitude on God’s faithfulness, goodness, and God-inspired challenges, both in expected and unexpected ways. 

My word of the year was “Invitation”—an invitation to walk in the path God prepared for me. The accompanying Scripture the Lord gave me was, “Come, follow Me” (Matthew 4:19). 

The year had hardly begun when my brother Cyril fell and broke his hip. Living alone, he invited me to be his companion as he recovered. This was a new experience for me, filled with good interactions with both Cyril and our brother Lorne who with his son and daughter assumed all the farming responsibilities. 

The first weeks were delightfully filled with neighbours and friends dropping in-- visitors who couldn’t visit him due to Covid while in the hospital. Friends from the church brought home-cooked meals for us. The time also gave me a chance to be out in “God’s country”, enjoying the wide-open spaces, watching the many swans in migration, and mingling with friends at the country church. 

When I returned home, it was nearing spring and time to catch up with yard work and planting flowers and vegetables. During all this time, I didn't write too much, but God assured me that He would give me time a little while later.   

Just as I was gathering thoughts together for writing, I came down with the most wicked flu; it felt much like Covid, though I tested negative. It was difficult to write in those first few weeks as my head felt scrambled. I did, however, read and organize a few thoughts.  

By August I was almost completely recovered and I noticed a distinct change in the way the Lord was speaking to me. Through working on our three IWO blog themes of this summer (distractions, writing habits, and being stalled in writing), the Lord invited me to reorder both my writing and my private world, a process I knew would take time, a process that is still ongoing. 

Fall Conference came like a refreshing rain after not seeing our community of writers since before Covid. Inspirational chats and speakers filled me to the brim. Just a few days later, God prompted me to finish one of the major projects I had hidden in my computer folders. I decided on one which I began ten years ago, “Divine Touches”—devotionals on how God is working in our lives through miracles and other means. God also prompted me to ask others to be part of a prayer team—to keep me accountable and to work toward completion. As of this writing, I’m nearing the finish line of 75 devotionals, some nearly polished and others needing more revision. Again, God prompted me that before I begin the next phases, I’m to spend time in prayer for His wisdom and direction.

While preparing this blog post, I'm reminded of how Nehemiah acknowledged God with such courtesy: “The gracious hand of God was on me” (Nehemiah 2:18).  Everything in my year came because the Lord's gracious hands invited me into new pathways. His good hand is also giving me the promise for next year, the promise God gave to the Israelites in the desert:

  Behold, I send an angel before you to guard you on the way

and to bring you to the place that I have prepared.

(Exodus 23:20 ESV)

As we move into this season of Advent with its busy-ness and with the world still in the midst of the chaos, the pandemic, and uncertainty, I have a prayer for you. Accept God’s invitation to sit quietly in His presence, allowing the Spirit to reveal Himself to you with the marvel and wonder of the Messiah’s coming, both first and second. 



November 25, 2022

Unwavering Presence - Gloria Guest


Light, Mountain, Forgiveness, Redemption.

Where is the light?
The Redemption and Forgiveness?
There is only this 
Better if I had picked three other words, 
To accompany me through the past year
Confusion, Anger, Despair.

Now, in the waning days of November
I stare up at that Mountain,
Standing on its rocky footstool,
I have barely even begun to climb.
I take in its height and incline,
I can't climb that, I think.
But here it is
It's not moving
And so, I must

I know it can only be done
By holding that same hand,
That brought me this far, through this year,
Of valleys and unexpected, twists and turns,
I hope I don't fall, I think
You might, I hear
But I've got you,
I always do.

And so, I gingerly step up and out 
Perhaps, I think, those other words
Light, Forgiveness, Redemption
Will track me into this new year,
Full of the unexpected,
Yet full of Gods steady hand and 
Unwavering presence.

"Man plans his way but the Lord establishes his steps."
Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)

Gloria writes from Caron, Sk on issues close to her heart, 
through memoir, fiction, non-fiction & poetry. She has
published many newspaper articles and columns throughout
various newspaper in the province, has some pieces published in
anthologies, and continues to take editing classes from SFU.

November 23, 2022

Come, Sink Your Roots Deep in Me ~ Valerie Ronald


Jesus’ invitation this past year to sink my roots deep in Him is not the first time He has beckoned me to do so. Back in January I wrote about being rooted and grounded (Rooted and Grounded), sending my spiritual roots down into the rich soil of His love so I could bear fruit for Him in my life and writing.

When prompted to re-visit this theme, I recalled a time a few decades ago, prior to my world being shattered by multiple crises. Struggling to raise my three children while in a difficult marriage, my spiritual life suffered while I tried to survive. Then I began to hunger for God ˗˗ a hunger given by Him, for I did not have much appetite for spiritual food myself. For three years before the compounded trauma of a divorce, a cancer diagnosis and financial ruin, I craved more of God. I longed to feed on the rich nourishment of His Word, on intimate prayer and meditation and fellowship with other believers. As my roots grew deeper into His love, He revealed to me who I truly was. Not the weak, disappointing wife my husband told me I was, but God’s beloved, cherished child. As I feasted on His Word, I realized my true identity in Him. I no longer needed the unattainable good opinion of an emotionally abusive man.

During those three years, God prepared me for the coming storm by stirring my desire to sink my roots deep into Him so I could stand firm. I learned that Jesus Christ Himself is the soil where my soul finds nourishment and strength. As I absorbed His truths and teachings, the more I grew. I would not have survived the onslaught if not for complete dependence on Him. I could fill a book with stories of how He sustained me and my family during those painful times, which brings me back to the present, these closing days of 2022.

I prayerfully desire to bear fruit from my growth in the form of a memoir I am presently writing. Since God stirred my hunger for Him, I keep feeding upon His life-giving love. Growth needs to continue if I am to accomplish the task He has set. I cannot do it unless I abide in Him. He has established me, rooted and grounded in Himself, and is now calling me to tell my story in which He is the central figure.

I must admit, sending roots down in order to grow is not always easy. Sometimes the tender, searching roots hit stony ground. Writing my story requires me to revisit memories which come with residual emotional pain ˗˗ stones in the way of going deeper. Here God reminds me of the restorative healing He has done in me since then. Those memories no longer have power to wound me. My prayer is that the story of my healing journey will someday help others to find healing as they go deeper with God to become rooted and grounded in His love.

Your spiritual roots go deeply into His life as you are continually infused with strength, encouraged in every way. For you are established in the faith you have absorbed and enriched by devotion to Him! - (Col. 2:7 The Passion Translation)

More of Valerie's work can be read on her blog:

November 22, 2022

A Glance Backward - Lorrie Orr


Just imagine. In my January post I challenged myself to use my imagination more in my spiritual life and in my writing life.

In the half-darkness of not-so-early morning I open my curtains to greet the day. Recently, fog obscures the landscape, drifting through trees and houses, revealing and hiding in turn. The process of imagining resembles fog to me. Ethereal. Soft and mysterious. Putting imagination into action is like the sun burning away the mist in an alchemy of air and warmth. I've learned that I need to harness my imagination to life's realities for it to serve any good. In addition, when my imagination aligns with God's, well, Ephesians 3:20 comes to mind:

"God can do anything, you know - far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! He does it not by pushing us around, but by working within us, his Spirit deeply and gently within us" (The Message)

Poet Luci Shaw writes "Imagination gives us pictures by which to see things the way they can be, or the way they are, underneath." When we ask ourselves, "What if...?" I fire up those imagination cells and develop my view of the world.

This year I have asked myself,

"What if I could actually finish a writing project?"

That spurred me to create a plan of action and stick to it. I'm behind on my schedule and will not finish my first draft by December 1, but that's okay. I'm holding onto that imaginary moment in the future when I am finished. Grace goes along well with imagination.

"What if I could do something to help build my local church body?"

We are currently in between pastors and the body is struggling a little. I asked myself the above question and now I'm teaching Sunday School to K-Grade 1, a far cry from the high school students I am used to teaching.

"What if I did something more positive than listen to the news on the radio?"

Instead of listening, I now sing. It's a lovely way to drive and I arrive at my destination in a wonderful frame of mind.

Integrating imagination with my faith walk is a process that I look forward to continuing throughout my life. This little look backward has propelled me forward in my thinking. Erwin McManus writes "Only in our imagination can we begin to contain even the smallest expression of the bigness of God...". I know of God's greatness in my head, and I love using my imagination to bring that knowledge to my heart.

Lorrie Orr writes from Vancouver Island where she enjoys boating and hiking with her husband. Gardening, sewing, reading, and spending time with her five grandchildren fill her days with happiness and contentment. She is newly retired from teaching high school Spanish. She writes a slice of life blog at Fabric Paper Thread.

November 21, 2022

Trust Me by Tracy Krauss

 Come follow me...

Jesus' words to us are so simple and yet so packed with meaning. As I reflect on the year that was, I think about what that “Come” has meant for my spiritual growth and for my writing. In a nutshell, it boils down to one word: "Trust". I did not foresee--nor could I imagine--some of the circumstances I'd face in the year ahead, but looking back, nothing has really changed (even though MUCH has changed) because I am still trusting in Him.

Big Changes

My husband and I moved into a house that was still "in progress" when we suddenly and unexpectedly sold the house we were living in. It was an answer to prayer since we had been carrying two mortgages for quite a few years. Out of the blue, God brought a buyer to the house we lived in and so we shifted gears and moved into the other house that we had been SLOWLY renovating.

I must daily remind myself what a BLESSING this is. (Sometimes I must hourly remind myself...) I believe that God's timing is always perfect. However, the reality of living in an unfinished house has been challenging for me. I like order. I like neatness. I like things to be in their proper place. And yet... God is asking me to trust. It has been humbling and I've had to lay aside my pride on many occasions as I've felt anything but patient. 

Running To and Fro

After such a long period of not being able to travel, the second half of this year has been FULL of traveling for me. I've taken a long trip every month since August, either by air or by car, and have two more scheduled before the year is out. Add to that the many trips to one of the smaller cities near us every week for building supplies etc and it feels like my feet don't stay at home! 

Welcome Additions

We were blessed with three new grandaughters this year, including a surprise set of twins. (I mentioned it before.) We are blessed to have all four of our children and all ten of our grandchildren living within a two-hour radius. It means more running to and fro...

The Best Laid Writing Plans...

What do all these changes have to do with this month's theme?

I already mentioned how I've been challenged to practice gratitude, patience, and trust this year. I have been forced to become more intentional about counting my blessings. It seems whenever God wants us to grow in an area, He puts us in situations where we must exercise these characteristics. So, upon reflection, I can see a steep learning curve in terms of spiritual growth.

Similarly, I've had to throw many of my writing plans to the wind and just "go with it". Like Steph Beth Nickel, I love the planning process. Usually, my plans are more grandiose than I can manage, but I'm still quite productive. Besides some new books, 2022 was going to be the year of "Audiobooks". I took a course earlier in the year, bought the necessary equipment, and began recording since I do not have the funds to pay someone else to produce all of my novels. (I naively hoped to do one per month! In hindsight, totally not possible!)

Even with a reality check, I felt confident that I'd get at least two--maybe three--to market before the end of the year. 

Then I got Covid and sounded like a smoker for a couple of months...

Then all of the above happened! Now, there is nowhere, as yet, for me to set up my recording equipment. Any recording I try to do sounds echoey in the new house because things aren't put away yet. And who has time for such things at the moment, anyway?!

It comes down to trusting God's timing. Eventually, I may or may not get those Audiobooks recorded. I simply can't make something happen that isn't possible right now.

Upon reflection, "Come follow me..." is really all that matters. I can see God teaching me many things about patience, gratitude, and trusting His timing. I know if I don't trust Him and the process, the lessons might be prolonged, so I'm trying to be obedient. 

Tracy Krauss
writes from her home in Tumbler Ridge, BC. Follow her on social media or visit her website for more.

November 18, 2022

Compassion in Action by Alan Anderson


“When he saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.”—Matthew 9: 36 (NIV)


“As he approached Jerusalem and saw the city, he wept over it”—Luke 19:41



I included the above Scripture references in my first post of this year. The post title, “A Time for Compassion,” outlined my need to follow compassion as a way of life in. See,



Before I continue perhaps a caveat is in order. My post on compassion in January has embraced me through 2022. I will offer a brief response to what this means. I am aware of how controversial this post may be to readers. I offer it as an example of how our compassion may be put into action.


Compassion in a Time of Chaos


Compassion need not be a mere passive feeling but an expression of action about a response to the plight of someone else. There is a place for emotional response, yet this may not be enough. These past two years remind me of the importance of speaking into the confused and destructive path secular minds and actions have inflicted on Canada.



As a retired healthcare chaplain, I hang my head in shame in response to how leaders introduced euthanasia to our country. Canada is now the most permissive country in the world for the expansion of euthanasia, or so-called Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD). Euthanasia has historically been recognized as murder in Canada. For whatever reason it is now legal. The reality of changing something in the Criminal Code to legal, does not make it moral. This also does not make it an act of compassion.



Canada has chosen a destructive path by the inclusion of euthanasia into the realm of “healthcare.” Politicians and healthcare professionals do not exhibit wisdom in their unabashed use of this approach to end-of-life. MAiD is even permitted in government funded hospice facilities now. This shows disregard for the philosophy of hospice.


Compassion in Action


Over the almost past two years I have devoted my energy to researching a compassionate and dignified response to euthanasia. Here is an idea of how I hope to encourage Christians to turn to acts of compassion instead of those which hasten death.



While I write this post my mind is on a ministry, I hope to develop within the church community of which I am a member. The focus is on end-of-life care for Christian people. This ministry offers a compassionate presence to Orthodox Christians with a terminal illness and requesting end-of-life spiritual care and support. A team of volunteers will assist Orthodox Christians rediscover and follow the ancient Christian burial practices, including a recognition of the physical body as a sacred vessel. As our biological existence ends, we prepare for our transition from this world and into the hands of God.



This ministry is not a mere noble gesture, but a viable alternative to euthanasia in Canada. I ask God to help me nurture compassion and love for people by not being involved in an act to hasten death.



I am aware this post may be met with mixed responses and emotional reactions by readers. I cannot, however, ignore this blind direction our country has chosen. On the other hand, as Christians, we can speak into the darkness and resist it by compassion in action.


May God show His compassion to Canada.



Alan lives in Deroche, B.C. with his wife, Terry, and their poodle, Charlie. He contributed stories to Good Grief People by Angel Hope Publishing, 2017; Story by Story: The Power of a Writer, Unstoppable Writers Publishing, 2018; Easter Stories & More by InScribe Christian Writers’ Fellowship, 2021. He is currently working on a book expressing the grief of grieving grandparents entitled, Hidden Poetic Voices: A Reflective Work of Grief, Faith, and Poetry. Alan periodically writes articles for FellowScript Magazine. He has written posts for our InScribe blog since 2015. Blog:

November 16, 2022

Reflecting on the Year by Lorilee Guenter


In the front of my calendar for 2022 I wrote the word intentional. Now that the year is drawing to a close, it is time to reflect on if and how the word has impacted my year. Looking back at my January blog post, I paired the word with trusting God as I walk into the unknown.

I can see many places where God's timing was evident when I look back over the year He gave me.  I could not have planned all the times where I read a meditation or Scripture passage that was perfect, not only for me but also for conversations that happened the same day. As I was writing this one of those conversations happened within an hour of my reading. By being intentional with my habits I saw over and over how faithful God is in His leading.

God is faithful. I am not. I let distractions pull me away from important tasks. Many times I wandered aimlessly through the day instead of making intentional choices. At the end of those days, I felt neither rested nor productive. I failed to follow through on the tasks in front of me. I know this resulted in missed opportunities both for rest and for connection. I missed the peace that comes when fully trusting God in those moments.

God is good. He continues to work in my life. When I wander, He is still there waiting for my return. He promises that when we seek Him, when we call on His Name, He will be found. He is waiting for me to notice I am trying to do things my way.  The more I spend time with Him, the more I recognize God guiding me back to what He has prepared for me: joy, peace, courage and so much more. Once I admit that He shows me the better way. He is intentional in His work in our lives.

As 2022 draws to a close, and 2023 invites us to consider what is to come, I know one thing will remain unchanged. When I seek God, I will find Him. He always is. He is waiting for His creation to recognize Him. He is waiting for His children to come to Him each day, to enjoy His company and to trust Him no matter what. 

November 15, 2022

Come and Rest In God's Promises by Carol Harrison


Come and Rest in God’s Promises

As I reread my January blog post, these ending sentences needed to begin this month’s post. This year, the God of all compassion invites me to come and find rest in His promises. He longs to encourage me while I continue to be a good steward of the gifts He has given.

What has that looked like during this year? What have I done to be a good steward of His gifts? Have I taken God at His invitation to come and rest in His promises? These questions needed to be reflected on and an answer obtained in order to write this post. I mulled them over and over before formulating a response because too often the negative voice of the enemy interrupted, poking a finger at the lapse of trusting God fully or with questions like, “Did you really do all you could?”

The months of this year have lapsed into history. There isn’t a do over button to push and change the scenarios to what I wished had happened with my writing or the marketing to go with it. One thing I have realized over the course of these last few months is that the writing is only part of good stewardship. The marketing – letting people know my writing exists is another part of being a good steward.

Do I like promoting myself and my writing? Not really. It is so much easier to tell people about my friends’ writing. Yet at the Inscribe conference, Grace Fox mentioned that we need to think about feeding God’s sheep and not building our platform. This changed my mindset about the entire subject of marketing my own work. If I don’t get the word out, how will the words I’ve written feed and encourage others?

This brings me to the resting in God’s promises aspect of what I’ve been invited to this year and all the time. Trusting God to provide like He’s promised to do. Trusting He is with me no matter what tough stuff exists in my life. He always keeps His promises and one of them is to never change and provide all we need through Jesus.

This year has been one filled with less writing but more editing pieces already written. It’s involved being at a number of craft/trade shows with my books and talking to many people about writing, my own books, and looking at the possibility of author readings or other activities to get the books in front of more people. I’ve had to trust God for the words to say, the courage to say, “I’ve written these books. What can I tell you about them?”

Circumstances haven’t changed much in the last year. Medical appointments fill the calendar more often that I would want. Writing gets pushed aside when no energy remains for creative endeavours. I question what needs to happen in this season of life just like I did back in January. But resting in God’s promises has given me a better perspective. I need to just live one day at a time and sometimes one hour or minute at a time, ready to pursue whatever God puts on my plate to do at that moment.

God encouraged me through a variety of ways. Sometimes the encouragement is like the trickle of a tiny creek and at others times pours lavishly over me but it never disappears. It comes in the form of a positive comment, a sharing of ideas, a good workshop to learn new things, a hug from a friend, or being given an award. There have been fellow believers who have laughed with me and prayed for me. Over and over, in so many ways, I’ve been reminded of the unchanging promises of God. I just need to rest in them and trust God’s got this.  



As a speaker and published author, Carol Harrison is passionate about mentoring people of all ages and abilities to help them find their voice and reach their fullest potential. She shares from her heart, with stories from real life experiences and God’s Word to encourage people and help them find a glimmer of hope no matter what the circumstances. She believes we need to continuously grow in our walk with God and lives out her storytelling passion by speaking and in her writing.