February 23, 2016

Colouring my Sky By Lynn J Simpson

 “The next best thing to being wise oneself is to live in a circle of those who are.”  C.S. Lewis

A couple of years ago I won a Melody Carlson contest, winning a signed copy of  "Here's To Friends" by Melody Carlson. Melody's contest question was to describe why friends are important to you.

I wrote:

My best-friends draw my eyes to the abundant sky.  So often I am filling my plate with a heap of doing but what gives me more nutrition is a mountain of being.  Friends that keep me centred on the journey, not the destination, vividly colouring my sky daily, are  true treasures and blessings from God.

In my writing journey I have been blessed by many writers and others who have, like my best-friends, kept me centred on the journey of writing, and coloured my sky especially when the darkness of writer's block, procrastination, and doubt in my abilities would envelope my soul. 

Here are few of my favourite moments of blessing by other writers and teachers:

1. My first English Professor at Yukon College who encouraged me to never stop writing. He also said I had a unique 'issue' of not writing enough words (compared to the usual issue for many writers of writing too much). I found this actually encouraging to know that I had a unique problem, which I took to be a more 'creative' issue! 

2. My grade 12 Religious Studies teacher who commented that my written prayers were 'beautiful' and evoked a deep spiritual life.

3. My grade 5 teacher who wanted to publish the speech I had written entitled People in the local paper for its insight and depth. 

4. My best-friend's mom, who always carried a yellow pad of paper and pencil for me whenever we went on any of our childhood excursions, so I could write of the adventure and then read them to her later. 

5. And, last by not least, my current writers group, with their experience and wisdom, keeping me centred in Him as my writing journey unfolds to destinations that are often a surprise! I love all of you. 

My hope is you too, have friends that keep you centred on your writing journey and colour your sky. 



Lynn blogs at Connecting Stories and at Lynn J Simpson


  1. I love the metaphors in the 'contest' piece - no wonder you won! Also, I didn't know you went to Yukon college. since I lived in the Yukon for many years I am always pleased to find someone else who has lived there. finally, I felt a kindred spirit with some of your encouraging moments from your childhood.

    1. Anonymous9:08 am GMT-7

      My years in the Yukon shaped me to who I am today! They were four years of time when my children were very young. I think once the north gets in you, it never lets you go...

  2. How beautiful. That is truly what best friends do. Like you I love watching the sky--never boring, and always drawing me out of myself and up to the Creator. I'm thankful you have friends who have always done that for you and that I can be part of the group now that keeps you "centred in Him." Our group does that for me too. God is good.

  3. I love #4, what your best friend's mom did. What a demonstrative way to encourage a child!

  4. Lovely photo Lynn. I'm a sky watcher also appreciate the reference to the abundant skies-the skies are rich & beautiful. Wonderful piece!

  5. What a positive, encouraging post, Lynn. I love your C.S. quote. I love your winning prose. I love your positive list of those who encouraged you in your youth. I also join you in being a sky-watcher. I read some of your Connecting Stories and I love those too. And I love your kind wish/prayer for all of us: "My hope is you too, have friends that keep you centred on your writing journey and colour your sky." Thanks!


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