January 26, 2021

You Get Me - Marnie Pohlmann

Inscribe Christian Writers,

get me 
        as I sit at the edge of a room and watch the people…

  when I feel inadequate in a room of authors...

        struggling to find just the right word; it’s on the tip of my tongue but won’t fall onto the paper…   

        while I rush to meet a deadline whether I feel like writing or not…    

        as I ask that my writing time be respected, even if it looks like I am just staring blankly out the window…       

        when I feel the urge to take out a pen to correct the spelling or grammar on a sign at the mall…

        those moments I’m inspired by nature but forget the thought when I finally locate a working pen…

        as I share that odd humour of writers searching for non-cliche descriptions, like seeing unicorn happiness bursting all around me in the tri-coloured foam of the car wash…       

        those times I set an alarm but snooze it to finish typing my thought rather than move onto my next task, because I am finally in the writing zone.

You get me.

Inscribe Christian Writers, you get me, so I feel I belong. 
And because you get me, I can trust what you teach me.

 You teach me
   a variety of genres so I can find the one that stirs my soul…

        how to write to entertain and teach…              

        to write for a theme, an assignment, or a desire…

        about writing to a deadline and to word count…

        punctuation and grammar (so I put a period in the proper place in a quote or in a parenthetical sentence…) 

        to send something for publication because the worst that can happen is they say no…

        about growing thicker skin by entering a Word Challenge or contest and accepting the critique offered…

        where to find opportunities to write…

        it’s okay to not arrive at a finish but, at some point, I need to put my words “out there” anyway…

        to just enjoy writing and not publishing, while also encouraging me to share my words…

        that I can view writing groups as a team, not a competition. 

You teach me.

Inscribe  Christian Writers, you get me, you teach me, and, although we are from different backgrounds, churches, cultures, and traditions,

 You disciple me 
   to be in God’s Word…

        to be true to God’s Word in my words…

        to pray for my writing, for your writing, and for you…

   to allow God to inspire my words and craft…        

        to trust God with the results of my writing…

        to use writing for God’s glory, not in what I write but in how I write...

        in my life walk with God.

You disciple me.

 Inscribe Christian Writers, 
    you disciple me, 
    you teach me, 
get me.

 Thank you.

Marnie Pohlmann is an Inscribe-inspired Christian Writer from northern BC.


  1. Fantastic Marne! Your post encompasses all that Inscribe wants to give, I am sure.

  2. Have I told you recently how your words move me? Even the way you've arranged the words has meaning - like a poem. Thank you for this profound and lovely post.

    1. Thank you, Tracy, for all you give to Inscribe and to me.

  3. Ditto to Tracy's comment -- really enjoyed this post!

    1. Thank you, Brenda. I hope it made you smile as you recognized the as writers, Inscribe gets us.

  4. Triple to what Tracy said. And I agree. As an overseas missionary, there are lots of different groups I engage with that just don't get me. After I joined InScribe, and especially my writers group within InScribe, I felt like I was finally HOME.

    1. Oh yes, home for writes is spelled Inscribe!

  5. Amen, Marnie, about that "Ugly Duckling" feeling. I feel sort of the same way about InScribe, even though nobody I know here loves many of the things I do.

    Better still, God got it about me. Nobody understood how city noise was driving me mad. Then God led me out of Babylon to a wonderful writing place. It's quiet here. I can even hear myself think. I've been here for almost 21 years and I hope to stay here until Christ returns or I go to him.

    1. Amen, Bruce. We truly belong when we are in God's hand.

  6. Hi Marnie. I love the way you wrote this post. You summed up my thoughts about our Inscribe group in one comforting phrase, "you get me."

  7. Aren't we blessed to have found such a place to belong? (And aren't they blessed because they get us? LOL)

  8. You’ve got rhythm, Marnie! Loved this.
    Pam M.

  9. I get you and I enjoy what you write, Marnie And I get what you’re saying. Thanks and Amen.

  10. Marnie,
    I so enjoy your writing, your sense of humour, your godliness, and your quiet diligence. Thank you :)


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