January 31, 2021

Where Are You? Guest post by Brenda Wood

Where are You, dear InScribe writers? I'm told this blog doesn't have a full roster of writers this year, and I'm wondering... Why? 

If this sounds like a chastisement, take note…it is. (But a kind one, I hope.) 

May I suggest that some folks are just along for the ride? They enjoy all that Inscribe provides but they do not care to contribute anything toward its success!

Did they decide to follow the latest hullabaloo about making money somewhere else? Did they hear that blogging wasn’t where the action is? Or that writers shouldn’t scribble unless someone pays them for it? Do you know where you make money? You make money by writing and yes, often writing for free.

Is it possible that instead of writing, some members cluster in groups to publish titles online or post pictures with the herd? I’ve followed this trail too many times and it is a big waste.  We are called to WRITE!

I want to laugh out loud every time someone finds out that I’m an author. The first question is, “How did you get published?” I ask them what they’ve written and the answer is consistent. “Well, I haven’t written anything yet but I need to know how to get published!”

Publish your heart out on sites that pay you a pittance for your words. Oh yes, a paltry sum on a page so crowded with writers that no one reads your stuff! Buy books that tell you how to sell. (Hint) You’d be better off writing one!

Do you know how I became a published author? I got there by writing anywhere and everywhere. Google 'Brenda J Wood' and you’ll find pages of my publications. I have a huge online presence and most of it came from free writing.

God called us to be writers. Do we honestly take every opportunity to do that? Or are we waiting for the big moment when we're 'discovered'? Well folks, in order to be discovered, people have to read your words. So... take a chance and write for InScribe!

Brenda J Wood 
Author, speaker and Hopestreamradio.com contributor, Brenda J Wood has been an author and motivational speaker for more years than she cares to admit. She is known for her common sense wisdom, sense of humour and quirky comments. She calls herself the ‘ABC girl’ because she’s survived and written about the ‘ABC’s of abuse, bulimia, cancer, death, entertainment, food, gluttony and humour. Since she’s written books on each of these topics, she hopes the ‘E’ word of her next book stands for something like Energy or Entertainment, but definitely not Exams or Epsom salts!

A few of her favourite things include grandchildren, guest speaking, writing, sewing, a warm fire, a good book, and pounding the pavement on early morning walks. Brenda has authored many books but is very excited about the upcoming - My Affair with Cancer, a fundraiser for the Georgian Bay Cancer Centre in Penetanguishene. Her other books include:
The Food Lover’s Devotional, food for both body and soul
Gentle Humour with Jesus, devotions for the light-hearted
The Pregnant Pause of Grief, the first trimester of widowhood
Meeting Myself, snippets from a binging and bulging mind.
Heartfelt Devotionals, 366 devotions for common sense living.
God, Gluttony & You
Brenda’s Children’s books include:
The Big Red Chair –a book for grieving children
Mother Peebles Problem Pebbles
The Plate Family Dishes Up

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