January 12, 2021

To God Be the Glory - guest post by Connie Inglis

When I agreed to be a guest blogger for January, I didn’t realize I’d set myself up for an impossible task. How do I write in one post ALL InScribe has meant to me, has done for me, in the last eight years? 

I could write a book—literally! 

This morning I came up with a Spirit-inspired idea (Thanks, God!) to hone it down with an INSCRIBE acrostic. Yes! And my first word for the letter “I” would be “inspiration.” I was off and writing. So here it is. All InScribe means to me in eight letters:

I – Inspiration. Dare I also add “intimidation”? At least initially? I attended my first conference in 2013, not knowing what to expect, not sure where I fit, in the writing world. What I found was a safe place with like-minded people who loved Jesus and loved writing in all sorts of genres. I found members to be prolific, profound, AND personal. I found acceptance. My creative soul soared. To God be the glory!

N – Navigation. Every conference I’ve attended has helped me navigate life—not just the writing life, but life in general. Throughout my years, I’ve contacted InScribe members multiple times for guidance and direction within the writing world. I can’t remember a time I didn’t receive a helpful response. If the person didn’t know, they’d usually guide me to someone who did. There was, and still is, a “we’re in this together” attitude. To God be the glory! 

S – Spiritual vitality. When I joined InScribe, I was on a huge learning curve in my prayer life. Exciting for me. Sheila Webster, the InScribe spiritual advisor at the time, saw something in me, that I didn’t even realize was there. She welcomed it and spurred it along, a true mentor. So, when the Spirit nudged me to take on the spiritual advisor position, I accepted. I grew in the role, always with the support of the leadership team as well as each of you as members. And boy did I grow in my walk with God as I heard your stories of how God moved and answered prayer. My faith was strengthened. To God be the glory!

C – Café—Writers’ Café that is. That’s the name of the InScribe writers group I’ve been a member of since 2013. Fellow writers, yes, but also fellow warriors, fellow worshippers, fellow prayers, fellow sojourners. And what a journey we’ve been on, including co-journeying with Bobbi Junior. She was one of us and I will miss her easy smile, her experience, and her matter-of-fact faith and wisdom. Even so, we persevere. To God be the glory!

R – Writing. Okay, so I’m taking poetic license here, but it’s important to list all the ways members of InScribe can use their writing gifts within our fellowship. I’m thankful for opportunities to share my writing on the blog, in the “FellowScript” magazine, in my Spiritual Advisor role, on other members’ websites, for contests, for the collections InScribe has published, and even for collections in smaller numbers such as the book our Writers’ Café group published in October titled, Hope Connections. To God be the glory!

I – Influence. I have published poems, devotionals, fiction and non-fiction stories, and informative pieces. And soon I will have my first novel published. This is all due to the influence and involvement of InScribe members in my life. To God be the glory! 

B – Boldness. To be me. Crazy, quirky, me! The me God has made me to be, as one who loves to create, whether with words or with paint. To call myself a writer. To call myself a poet. Rubbing shoulders with InScribe members has given me that boldness. To God be the glory!

E – Enjoyment. In line with Prov. 17:22, Lord Byron wrote, “Always laugh when you can, it is cheap medicine.” And Anne Lamott wrote, “Laughter is carbonated holiness.” I have laughed often, and laughed well with fellow InScribe members. I have found both medicine and holiness there. Oh how good to be a member of such a joyful fellowship. 

I close with an old Twila Paris song about how beautiful the body of Christ is. InScribe is part of that body and it is beautiful. To God be the Glory!


Connie Mae Inglis lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her linguist/Bible translating hubby. Unable to return to Thailand this month due to the pandemic, she's working away at getting her first novel published. When able, she spends time with her three adult children, two sons-in-law, and four grandchildren. You can learn more about her curious hope at conniemaeinglis.ca.


  1. Your acrostic is spot on! thank you for sharing. Your painting is so lovely, too.

  2. We joined around the same time. Inscribe is a true Inspiration for sure. I appreciated your role as Spiritual Advisor and your many wise words that you shared.

    1. Thanks Gloria. It was an honour. And, to be honest, I often miss being in that role.

  3. Your words resonated with me. InScribe has been personal and always helpful like you mentioned. I benefitted a lot from your prayers for us as well.
    Pam M

  4. Thanks for sharing your heart, Connie, in a wonderful acrostic. Well said! InScribe as a whole and all the individuals have been wonderful inspirations to all of us.

    1. Yes, it truly is an inspirational fellowship!

  5. Love acrostics - what writer doesn't? - What is your first novel about Connie, if I can ask? And are you enjoying the process? Having to change any writing habits to make it work? - would love to hear the details!

    1. About a lonely (by choice) young man searching for life's answers. He travels to Southeast Asia to get away and find clarity. Then something unexpected happens and he finds himself in a parallel universe where the Trinity looks different. What happens? I guess you'll have to read my novel when it comes out. hehehe

  6. This sounds very intriguing - like a faith-builder with the Lord meeting someone right where they're at. Also sounds like an ambitious project! No wonder you're excited. Will be GREAT to see it in print - at our Next Conference perhaps??


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