January 05, 2021

Read Any Good Books Lately?

Writers also tend to be readers, so I know the answer to the question, "Have you read any good books lately?" must be, "YES!!" 

Why not tell us about a good book you've read? Here on the IWO blog, the 5th of each month is set aside for book reviews. Usually, we like to feature books related to the writing process or some aspect of Christian growth, but it would also be wonderful to feature a fellow InScribe member's books if you've read and enjoyed them. We have so many talented authors right here in our midst!

For instance, our own Marcia Laycock is an amazing and well-respected author. Did you know Marcia has been on the executive multiple times including a couple of stints as president? She is a best-selling author, too, and no wonder. Her work is phenomenal. I've read and been encouraged by more than one of her devotional books, including Celebrate This Day, A Traveler's Advisory, and Spur of the Moment, but my favorite books are ONE SMOOTH STONE and A TUMBLED STONE, both fiction.

Perhaps the settings have me biased. The first book has many scenes set in the Yukon and the second is in Saskatchewan - both places near and dear to me. So when she describes the wind in the prairie grass or the frozen and stunted boreal forest, I know exactly what she is describing. Beyond the descriptions, though, Marcia is an amazing storyteller. She draws you in and doesn't let go until you've read the last word. 

If you've never read either of these books, I HIGHLY recommend you put them on your TBR list! You can read more about both books at Marcia's website: https://marcialeelaycock.com/my-books/

There you will also find her many fantasy novels, devotionals, and more! Let's support one another. 

If you would like to write a book review or give a shout out to a favourite InScribe author, please email the moderator at: tracy[dot]krauss[at]gmail[dot]com


  1. Having lived in Whitehorse for a time, I'm also drawn to any books with settings in our northern province and territories!

  2. I've read One Smooth Stone and enjoyed it very much. I still haven't gotten around to the sequel though. This is a good reminder to get to it!


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