January 29, 2021

NEW Website AND Spring Events!

Our website has a beautiful new look! 

Hop over and check it out.

Our goal in revamping the website is to be more responsive, more functional, more user friendly, and just more appealing! Please let us know how you think we're doing. Your feedback is welcome!


Coming this Spring, several new “Virtual Events”! We want to highlight some new ways of connection and content. Stay tuned for more details, so check your email inbox and FaceBook. If you aren't part of our FB group, please ask to be invited here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/75980688935


  1. I've been browsing the new website. Thanks to everyone who has worked to get this new site up and running -- it looks great.

  2. It's a great website and I look forward to seeing more on it.


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