May 27, 2016

Inscribe is so much more!

We have set aside the 27th of each month as a promotional day on the blog. It seemed like a great time to recap some of the many advantages of becoming an Inscribe member.

Did you know that Inscribe supports affiliate writing groups all across Canada? It's true. If you're looking for a writing group in your area or if you want to start one, all you need to do is check out the information on writing groups on our website. We'll send you a start up package full of ideas and information to get you started - or to inspire an already existing group.

Did you know that there are more than 200 members in our organization from across this great country and that you can connect with any of them via the 'listserv' (that group email thingy) or in our facebook group? Join the conversation!

If you're reading this blog, you already know that we offer encouragement and insight about writing and faith on this blog and that you can become a contributor. It's a great way to practice writing on a scheduled basis and get to know one another. But did you know that we also have a professional blog on writing on our website as well? That's two opportunities to read, learn and grow - and even contribute as an author.

Speaking of ways to contribute and gain writing experience, our quarterly magazine Fellowscript is an awesome way to gain some writing creds. Check out the submission guidelines in the front of the magazine or go online to our website. I look forward to getting my magazine each time it comes out and I always read it cover to cover.

Inscribe also offers several contests with cash prizes and a really cool writing opportunity called 'Word Challenges' moderated by Glynis Belec. Watch for her emails on the listserv if you like writing to a theme and also like having some fun!

I haven't even mentioned the series of wonderful 'WorDshops' held this spring around the country and what about our fall conference? This year it's going to be a full two day event with speakers and writers Rik and Linda Hall as well as tons of other exciting and informative workshops. And did I mention the special V.i.P. DAY on the Thursday before? It's a chance for authors to get a leg up on building a platform.

All of these perks and more can be found on our website. (Which is under reconstruction at the moment by the way.) There are just so many benefits to this wonderful organization, and beyond the ones i listed, and perhaps most important, is the sense of friendship and comraderie that develops when you get to know people of like mind.

Here's to Inscribe! Tell your friends!


  1. Thanks, Tracy!
    I personally have benefited greatly from InScribe. Members are so encouraging and supportive.

  2. A promo day is a great idea, Tracy. Thanks. I can say, "Ditto!" to what Ruth says above.

  3. Thanks for this Tracy! I'd tried to get on litserv in the past, and was not successful. Can you let us know how to get connected through litserv?

  4. I can't thank InScribe enough. And when I say InScribe, I mean MANY individuals who have poured specific words of encouragement, strength and hope into my writing life and my spiritual walk. A gift from God.


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