May 23, 2016

Connected and Inspired by Lynn J Simpson

“Hope is the thing with feathers 
That perches in the soul 
And sings the tune without the words 
And never stops at all.” 

Almost 7 years ago now I was involved in a women's business development group.  One of our exercises was to create a personal mission statement.  The first step was to remember our favourite activity as a child and write a paragraph on how we felt when we were in that space, as little girls.  The second step was meditating on what made us feel complete as a woman and write how we felt when we we completed that activity. The third step was to fill in the following statement with words that showed up most in the writings completed during the exercise.

I, Lynn, create ____________ through _________.

Mine became I, Lynn, create connections through stories
Neat huh? 
That is how, about 2 years later, I decided my blog URL would be Connecting Stories. 

Creating connections is important to me but, being somewhat on the introverted, shy side, I'm not always sure on how to create community. Being a single parent for many years, I do have a soft spot for woman who are struggling to make ends meet and who want to create a better life for themselves. But how do I help them? 

I believe with all my heart stories connect us. A story can make one feel less alone, more connected with one's world.  This is the reason I write.  This is the reason I blog. I know they are steps to a bigger vision to create connections in my community and then extend to all communities. The vision is still unclear to me. For now, I can just keep doing, and hope, and pray especially during my darkest days when I wonder 'what is the point?'

In March 2014 at a personal development course I was led to develop a purpose statement. This statement would be something you are already doing in life and may not even be aware, the facilitators told me. After much hard, heart work my statement became Inspiring Hope, which is now the title of my new website and other social media platforms. 

Creating connections.

Inspiring hope.

That is why I write. And as I glance through the comments I have received from blog posts at both places over the last five years, I see how others have connected and been inspired. 

And I feel my soul sing with gratitude, connected and inspired. 

Lynn blogs at Inspiring Hope


  1. Creating connections, inspiring hope. This is a very powerful tag line and really gets to the point of your message. Well done!

  2. Thanks Lynn. It's true, words do connect us. Writing connects us and for sure it helps us feel less alone.

  3. Thank you immensely for this post … I am in the midst of sharing stories, and wanting to inspire hope for those in grief … you have put to words what has been my belief for a long while. Like you, I sometimes wonder what is the point of writing some of these thoughts words that come. I agree with you "stories connect, inspiring hope."
    Very inspiring blog!! Thank-you!

  4. And I love that Emily quote!

  5. That Emily Dickinson quote is one of my all time favourites.
    Thanks Lynn. Definitely true that stories connect us. Makes it worth plugging along in this thing called writing.

  6. All you said, Lynn. Thank you and God bless. Someone's at the door.

  7. Lynn--"Creating connections. Inspiring hope." I see that in you--how you seek to do that not only in your writing but in your interaction with me and our writers group. You have a beautiful, life-affirming heart. Thanks.


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