May 16, 2016

FOR HIM by Glynis M. Belec

When I wrote my inspirational, slice of life & humour column for many years in a local paper I remember two of my favourite encouragements received from readers: 

Number 1 - "I could really relate to what you wrote. I know exactly how you felt."

Number 2 -  "I cut out your column and have it on my fridge. "

That was music to my ears; to think my words hit home and people were actually 'getting me'. 

Little did I know, though, that God was priming me for some greater, wonderful, writerly moments over the years. Moments that would point others to Him. A ministry.

At the beginning I had such trouble seeing myself as a writer, though, even though I loved relaying stories and offering inspirational words each week. Sure, I wrote, but I felt what I plopped on paper were mere words. I felt apologetic sometimes and often had a need to explain why I was writing what I was writing. As if my words were insufficient and weak; so weak no one would understand my point.

My confidence level in the writing department was as dull as ditch-water and almost as stagnant. 

Then something happened. I think I grew up. Come to think of it, it was the same year I fell in love with Jesus. God eventually had hold of me, and something started to bubble. Maybe it was because I had experience under my belt. Maybe getting older gives one presence of mind and a little bit more understanding. Maybe just maybe God gave me new eyes (He certainly gave me a new heart) and said it was time I started realizing that this writing gift was His to use for His glory. 

I am not by any means implying I have it all together and everything I write is flowing prose and each word effectual and right and pleasing to God. What I am saying is that once I acknowledged God, then something happened in my writing life. 

Situations entered my life; some heart wrenching and more than a little challenging. I wrote about them.

God placed people in my life then He gave me ideas about how or what to write. I wrote about them.

Trials came and opportunities arose. He told me that I need not worry about prying open any doors - He would make sure those He wanted open would be open and that would be my signal to walk through and write about them. 

God reminded me of how Jesus was not forceful and tough in his ministry. Instead he was gentle and honest and passionate.  That's how I wanted to write. 

An editor, very early along in my career, gave me a very wise piece of advice that I love to share. I believe she offered it as she was rejecting an article I was submitting. I cannot remember the article at all, but I will never forget her wise words that helped turn my ordinary writing into ministry: 

"If you write from the heart, you will touch other hearts"

My hope and prayer is that I always write from my heart - my new heart, in Christ! 


I’m thanking you, God, from a full heart, I’m writing the book on your wonders. I’m whistling, laughing, and jumping for joy; I’m singing your song, High God. 
Psalm 9:1-2 The Message


  1. As always, your post strikes a chord. I think you have taken that good advice and applied it over and over. Blessings as you continue to write from the heart.

  2. you do write from the heart, Glynis, and you do touch others. Not everyone is lucky enough to be neighbor/friend to you and able to witness first-hand not only the writing, but the writer...someone who is always giving her time to help someone else. God bless.

    1. Thanks, Janet. You are a great friend and supporter. Write on dear poet!

  3. I love your story and the neat illustrations you always include. They make me smile and bring joy and encouragement to my soul, inspiration to my pen, and a can-do attitude to my mind. I thank God for the way you help writers like me, who are still chugging along at my own speed.

    1. Thanks for those kind words, Sharon. God prompts me often to share joy and hope - maybe that is why He blessed me with a child-like mind, which gets me into hot water some times - especially from those who think I should act my age. I do (gladly I feel 30 years younger than my calendar age! Hence the problem for some!) You are such an encourager, Sharon and I thank you for your kind words.

  4. This post is really informative and you have posted such precious and informative article which gave me lot of information

  5. I like your insights and simpleness. Keep it up. Engage your heart and many people ( myself inclusive) will be touched. Jesse

  6. Great work! I will also write from the heart. Jesse


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