May 15, 2016

Fulfillment and Beyond - Tracy Krauss

When you are walking in your calling as a writer, you will find fulfillment beyond your original reasons for writing. There will be greater and better outcomes, some of which you may not have envisioned or even cared about at first. This has been the case for me.

My reasons for writing are actually quite self centered. (I can say that because I know it's true.) I write because I can’t NOT write. I would still be clacking away even if nothing I wrote ever got published or if I never sold another book. I am a writer – it’s not what I do so much as WHO I AM.

However, I consider myself truly fortunate because I currently have quite a few books and plays in print, and some of these have achieved a measure of 'success'. I’ve won a couple of awards, two of my books have been on Amazon’s best sellers’ lists, and my stage plays have been performed all over North America. I’m not telling you this to brag. I’m just saying that when you’re true to your own calling, there will be other benefits.

Some of the benefits are less tangible than book sales or performances, and for me they are even more significant. I’ve had the privilege of hearing from readers who’ve been impacted by something I’ve written. (And I’m not talking about amazon reviews, although those are nice, too.) These have come mostly through personal emails but I've even received a few letters. (Yes, the kind that come via the post office!)

That means a lot to me. I try to offer something deeper beyond the story in my fiction; something redemptive.
And it is utterly gratifying to hear from even one person who was impacted. It has added immeasurable fulfillment and given me a sense of purpose beyond my own need for a creative outlet.

Tracy has more than twenty books, plays, short stories and anthology contributions in print. She lives in Tumbler Ridge, BC with her husband of 33 years and teaches Secondary School Art, Drama and English.


  1. Thanks, Tracy. You are an inspiration for me in the way you make time in your life for your passion/God-given talent. Yes, I believe one can be true to oneself and at the same time be a strong branch on the Vine that is Christ.

    How wonderful that you are able "to offer something deeper beyond the story in (your) fiction; something redemptive," and something that impacts your readers enough to write you a letter that goes through the post office.

    How good it is that you can "offer something deeper beyond the story in (your) fiction;
    something redemptive," and something that impacts your readers. God lovingly reveals the plan he has for each of us, a plan to prosper us and not to harm us, plans to give us hope and a future. (My paraphrase from Jeremiah 29:11.) May God continue to stir your imagination and gift of writing, Tracy.

    1. Your words of encouragement are always so heartfelt and thoughtful, Sharon. You are also an inspiration, believe me!

  2. You are inspiring in all that you have accomplished, and in your passion to write and to help other writers. I agree that it is very "gratifying to hear from even one person who was impacted." I am also thankful for the way you encourage all of us Inscribe bloggers.

    1. thanks Jocelyn! I do enjoy being the blog moderator a lot.


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