May 07, 2016

Bunches of Grapes and Sprinkles of Salt– Ramona Heikel

Reviewing the words we have sent out into the world is a great exercise, reminding us of the many ways God touches those around us through our writing. I like Marcia's image of a vineyard that bears fruit and nourishes our readers.

I have not yet had the joy of having a reader contact me to say that my writing has made their life better, and am still at the early stages of having my work published. I feel like I am "sprinkling" more than "bearing clusters of fruit". So I also like the analogy of being salt to the world, sprinkling our words over our societies. 

My words of encouragement and spiritual sustenance have been sprinkled widely, even though most of them did not pay me in dollars and cents. If I only looked at the pieces that were purchased, I would be discouraged. But I hope to encourage any of you who are starting out to consider how God is already using your words to bless his world.

Although not generally considered creative writing, I believe the letters and notes we write on a daily basis are important. Just look how many Paul wrote! I have been an avid letter writer since way back before emails and texting.  This is one of the ways I am encouraged by, and encourage, friends who don't live in my city.  We write mini-sermons to each other!  The letters that I write to the children that I sponsor build a relationship that strengthens their faith. Many of you know what I mean, as you are also sponsors. I know that the children cherish our letters, and that makes me believe they're going to cherish our words and our faith, too.

Some of my first “public” writing was letters to government officials, urging them to promote good practices in education, health and government. I also had opinion pieces published by various newspapers on the sanctity of life and Christian unity. Some of my published articles have honoured a godly woman, suggested fun Bible study activities, and shared the benefits of meeting God at a retreat. I helped people with financial concerns by providing editing services to a Christian website that clarifies God's word on money matters.

All of these little branches are having an effect in the vineyard!  I have shared in an anthology about God's faithfulness to answer prayer, and my characters have appeared in children's magazines praying, counting their blessings and thanking God for his faithfulness.  I hope that the characters in my soon-to-be-published story will inspire teenagers who make a huge mistake to trust in God, who may bring an unexpected blessing.

As a service to my church I wrote and helped perform a puppet show, and also wrote a story that was performed for the children's Christmas program, both of which taught about Jesus. It thrills me to bless the little children!  Although some short stories I've had published are not religious in nature, I have seasoned them with themes of peace-making and the value of family. In my blog posts, I try to include my Christian perspective no matter what the topic.

We can trust in God's power as he uses our words to help others to know him. I look forward to every opportunity he gives to create and sprinkle winsome words around!  He planted the vineyard, and he is the vine. Then he lets us be the branches that have the delight of giving what people want and need—nice, juicy, mouth-watering spiritual nourishment!

Posted by Ramona

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  1. Yes! All of these 'little branches' do indeed make up the entire vineyard. Keep on writing Ramona!

  2. Ramona,
    Thanks for reminding all of us to be faithful in our writing, even when we don't see tangible results. It sounds like you are being obedient and sharing the joy of words with many people. Keep being faithful!

  3. Thanks, Ramona. I appreciate what you are saying in your blog, particularly your comment saying, "All of these little branches are having an effect in the vineyard!" I do agree with you. We don't know who will be encouraged, changed, comforted, or brought to Christ by what we write and send out. We need to be faithful, as you are saying, both in the writing and submitting.

    If we hide our lamps under a bushel, no one will read our words. We need to serve God by putting our lamps on a hill and our words in a variety of publications or in a book of our own.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, Ramona. May God bless your work in God's vineyard.

  4. Thanks for sprinkling your winsome words on us.


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