October 10, 2021

Divine Interruptions, caution—fun and laughter ahead - Martina Keast

 Part 1: A conversation with Jesus

Martina, join Me in a dance. Let's celebrate your victory. Courage is flowing; true wisdom and revelation are running your way. Join Me, put your pen down. 

The songs you are listening to are not for twisting and shaking. They are for opening your heart to faith and trust. Let’s listen to something else. 

Yes, this dancing to celebration music was beautiful; now please find your notes on dancing with Markus’ course called Deep Play.

Before every training exercise, I pray to Jesus, surrender my creative gift to Him, and trust the heavenly, imaginative flow. The day I participated in the online course called Deep Play, offered through zoom, there was much construction happening in my building. A two-year project of balcony removal and suite extension was in full swing. I had difficulty concentrating on the instructions Dr. Markus was giving us. Dr. Markus asked us to breathe, sit in what we notice going on around us, and then express what is happening. We did this for a few moments. On the outside of myself, I noticed the noise and the chaos, while I felt peace on the inside of me. My inner self was in the eye of the storm. Despite the noise, I walked and danced, paying attention to what my body felt like doing. As always, I went off-camera for this exercise, too embarrassed for my lack of theatrical ability. Once again--like many times before--I was astonished how the concept of low skill and high sensitivity fits for me. Dr. Markus asked us to dance in what we found ourselves rooted in; I addressed the construction noise. I pretended to have a saw, a hammer, and an electric screwdriver in my hand.

I improvised a choreography out of construction chaos and movement. I danced with the imaginary tools. I created this choreography myself, and I made the music up as I went along. 

Saw: First, one arm moved back and forth like a saw, then the other, then both arms together moved like a saw. Then I twisted my body, laughing hysterically. 

Hammer: First, I used my right hand like a hammer, then the left hand, then I hammered with both hands, then suddenly, I was drumming. This was very emotional for me; I used to be a drummer. I should say I am a drummer without opportunities to play. I cried because I miss playing drums and being part of a band. Then I just had fun. 

The electric screwdriver: First, I used the right hand holding the imaginary screwdriver, and made the sound bzbzbzbz, then the other hand bzbzbzbzbz and finally, I pretended to use two electric screwdrivers with both hands, at the same time, moving in dance, up and up. Bzbzbzbzbzbz

Suddenly, I was twisting and dancing. I laughed and had an incredible sense of fun and satisfaction. Now it’s your turn. 1

Part 2: On a serious note 

As in all training, I pray to Jesus before engaging in any exercises. 

Part of expressive art invites us to embrace and trust the flow. We create what we see in our mind’s eye. 3 We don’t worry about whether we create a perfect picture. It’s about the expression. 

I painted this dancer with oil pastels. Again, perfection not required. 

Then, as instructed, I asked the painting to say I am … 

Inner Child
I am twirls and swirls. Stuck in your vision.
I constantly twirl and swirl. Wanting to move your body. 
Your feet are firmly grounded. Stuck in your vision.
I want you to be moving, twirling, swirling, dancing, loving life. 

The Older One
I release the foggy uncertainty and trust this vision. 
I am lighter on my feet, moving with this body. 
As I embrace the care and nurture and trust the movement,
I expand my play range, ability, and joy with movement. 

Inner Child
When I am trapped, I sometimes experience panic attacks and temper tantrums. 
I want to play, move, and dance. 
Release me, please. 

What comes up? 
I am the moment before the jump-start.  4
I am waiting to connect with my inner self before I called her all those names. 
I shut her out years ago. I was so unsure. I couldn’t use my long, tall, beautiful body. 
My vision was, Martina, you are fat, tall, and ugly. 

These are not words Jesus describes me with. He loves me, and He is always encouraging me, to dance. I remember the days when I ran through the camp of what fun we had at our charismatic church. I used to clap, sing, dance. 
Now I dance as an expressive artist who listens to Jesus and follows His invitation: Dance with Me, child. Dance with Me. 

Name it: Freedom Dancer
Claim it: Shifts. 
Aim it: Go live your changed life. 

1. A reader’s response. I love this statement—I found stillness in the chaos of construction—it's incredible. Another reader’s response: I love how you are so free and childlike – in your response to the tools and the dancing and taking God’s words to another level. I know God has to be delighted in you and how you respond to Him.

2. Florida Institute of Expressive Art. The Magical Child. With Dr. Markus Scott Alexander. May 2, 2021. 

3. I am referring to the spiritual inner eye that each Christian has. I pray to Jesus, and I read the Bible. 
4.Julia Cameron warns, "By setting the jumps too high and making the price tag too great, the recovering artist sets defeat in motion." (Cameron, 2016, p. 141)

5. A reader’s response: This is so beautiful. The movement is lovely, and it so brings home the point that the Lord is playful and fun, and He wants to interact in that way as well. The Lord told me to dance with Him as well, several times, and when I do – even when it's just fun stuff - it's so intimate it's incredible. I read the poem several times because there is so much in it, from pain and bondage to freedom and oneness with Him in big open spaces. 


  1. Dear Martina, I smiled when you said you're an off-camera dancer. That would be me too. :) The me that shows up at worship service is a reserved version of the Wendy that dances with delight at home while listening to praise and worship music via Spotify. In heaven I will feel free to be me. All. The. Time. (Or I could attend a more charismatic church.)
    I especially loved your artwork and these words of yours: "Now I dance as an expressive artist who listens to Jesus and follows His invitation: Dance with Me, child. Dance with Me."
    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

    1. Thank you Wendy. These last few years have been challenging, fun, and very surprising. Thank you for your encouraging words.

  2. I like the way you continue this inner dialogue, so to speak. Many blessings. (I always feel like I am a dancer trapped inside my own body!)

    1. It seems there are many of us, Tracy. It's too bad were are so afraid of being free. Thanks again for your prayers and encouragement.

  3. Thank you for your creativity and your imagination using what could have been a disruption to your dance class. I particularly liked your thought: "Before every training exercise, I pray to Jesus, surrender my creative gift to Him, and trust the heavenly, imaginative flow."

    Your words apply so beautifully for those of us who write, too.

  4. Yes, it is important to always remember and give thanks for my creative flow. I celebrate what He does through me. Some of my workshops have impacted participants deeply. I know why that is. :)

  5. Very creative dancing, Martina. It seems that more than a few of us here are closet (or in my case, kitchen) dancers :)

  6. Thank you, for your response Susan. I understand. I am in EXAT-ECO training for another three months, and still, I prefer to be off camera. I should be getting used to moving with the group. Those who move seem to be having so much fun and they are "free to move and have their being." May be soon...


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