October 18, 2021

0 Words by Sheila Webster

 0 Words.

 It was difficult to accept that my computer had not saved my blog offering for today. I looked at the bar at the bottom of the word document and realized there was nothing I could do to reclaim the words I had prepared.

Maybe I was just supposed to share something else, something about moments when I had no words for what had just happened.

One of those moments happened this summer, I opened an envelope from someone expecting an encouragement card. What it contained was the exact amount to redeem a costly mistake a friend had made that ended up being charged to me. No number of words could change what happened, it was not worth pursuing for compensation, but God knew.

Opening that card opened me up to a new relationship with the divine and community that listens to God. The card was a picture of a picture of one of my favorite flowers, inside was the exact amount needed, and I had drove by the gentleman at a moment he was wondering how to get it to me. 

No words describe how the divine was already at work in a way I could not see or feel in a very dark moment of life.  As any time the divine reveals love and compassion to us we could write, sing or paint forever about how that gift continued to give warmth and companionship long after it was given.


  1. Dear Sheila, what a beautiful offering of praise to the One we could never have enough words to cover how wonderfully His love covers us.
    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac

  2. This is such a perfect example! I love it when God does this kind of thing. It has happened to me before, too, and even simple answers to prayer or a need leave a lasting impact. One time when we were dirt poor, (I mean, I used to eat the crusts off my kids sandwiches if they left them because we couldn't afford to waste food...) we hd no money for something as frivolous as makeup. My mascara was dry as a bone. Oh well. I just wouldn't wear any to church or whatever... Then I got a package in the mail. My sister had bought some new mascara and got a second for free as a promotion. She thought I might be able to use it. I hadn't said anything to anyone, but I felt like God was showing me that He cares about every aspect of my life - even something as small and seemingly unimportant. It was his assurance that if he could after something this insignificant, he could look after the big stuff, too. (And He has.)

  3. Oh Sheila, I love this little story! How lovely to be reminded that our heavenly Father knows and cares.

  4. A perfect example how God knows and cares, and is always working behind the scenes for us.

  5. What is the reason for these little favours God shows us? He's training us to trust him for the larger things to come. What an awesome heavenly Father! I also am glad when I send something to a friend who could use it. A widow friend drove me to the store in another town once. I gave her a sale coupon I had received via e-mail from that chain. It saved us more than 30% on everything in the store. It also helped my friend who's a pensioner. I've likewise mailed surprises to my correspondents which they were pleased to receive. Other friends did the same to me. I love rabbit things so a woman gave me a cute rabbit serving dish and a tin with bunnies on it. She bought them at a garage sale and now they adorn my home. Now I better hop to it and get some work done.

  6. I also make it a habit to save my work often. It's too easy to hit the wrong key combination and lose one's work. I also have a UPS so the power to the PC is constant.

    1. Hi Sheila! I needed this reminder. Thank you, dear friend.


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