October 25, 2021

An Interruption of Life and an Incomplete Blog Post by Sharon Heagy


The baby’s butt hit the floor with a plop. He was blissfully unaware that he should be thankful for the extra padding afforded by his diaper.  He twisted to his knees, crawled to the chair and grasped the wooden spindles, pulling himself upright once more. Steadying himself he let go. One hand, then the other. He teeters as his chubby feet squish this way and that to gain balance.  He takes a wary step and then another.  His eyes focus not on the floor, not his feet but on his mom who is crouching in the distance with outstretched arms.  A toothless grin accompanies a happy gurgle, and he is off. One step. Two step. Suddenly he is walking, almost running. Never losing focus of the wide loving arms ahead then reaching the goal arms wrapping him in a loving embrace.

Such are the divine interruptions of life.  Sometimes a crisis comes and we are knocked on our butts with one fell blow. These interruptions are almost always characterized by loss. Loss of health, finances, loved ones, peace and even faith.  Ant though we may feel like we are caught in a swirling vortex, in a downward spiral, spinning out of control, hands and feet flailing for something to grasp or a solid foothold. We, too, are unaware of the ‘padding’ that His hand is providing for our crash landing.  It is the hand of the Father which steadies us though the water may continue to swirl around us.  It is He who shows us the way out. He is the handhold, the solid footing for us to climb out one step at a time.  If we continue to keep our eyes focused on Jesus, taking one step at a time, we will be led to exactly where He want us to be. A place where He will hold us in His loving arms providing comfort, peace and love no matter our circumstances.

Divine interruptions can be chaos and crisis or valiant victory. It is, in a word, life.

Though this blog post is incomplete due to circumstances beyond my control, I hope you find these incomplete thoughts an encouragement, as each and every one of you has encouraged me this month.  Thanks for your grace and mercy. Thanks for always being an inspiration.


  1. Thank you, dear Sharon, I did find your thoughts encouraging. I'm grateful God pads our falls in ways we have no idea of. He's a loving Father who always has landings in mind.
    Yes to these powerful words of yours: "Divine interruptions can be chaos and crisis or valiant victory. It is, in a word, life."
    Blessings of His victory ~ Wendy Mac

  2. Beautifully penned thoughts, Sharon. Perhaps you can complete them another month!

  3. Life sure does happen when you're making other plans. This reminds me of those baby bunnies racing across my kitchen floor. All but one stayed in the box, watching his siblings with longing. Then he worked up his courage and hopped out. There was no stopping him after that. Let's all take advantage of interruptions God sends our way. And if weren't extremely careful, we might learn something from them.

  4. The word picture you paint feels very complete to me! Blessings!

  5. Hi Sharon! You give me much food for thought through your "incomplete" counsel and encouragement for us. Blessings to you.


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