October 29, 2021

Congratulations and Recognition!

We had an amazing Virtual Fall Conference this year from September 30 through October 2. On Thursday evening at our kick-off event, we held our awards ceremony which included some very nice surprises. Congratulations to the contest winners, award winners, and those honoured for their longtime service.  You can check out the full versions of each of these on our Youtube channel. Subscribe today! There is other content there you will find interesting! 

Recognition Awards:

InScribe has had some very dedicated volunteers in our long history as an organization. We decided to honour those who had served for 5+ years and those who had served for 10+ years with a recognition pin. (Some much longer than that!) You can see the entire thing here:


Barnabas Award and Editor's Choice Award:

There were two deserving recipients this year! Karma Anderson and Sheila Webster. Congrats to both ladies. 
Our editor's choice this year went to Belinda Burston for her piece "Simply Story".
To hear more see the video replay!

Contest Winners:

1st: Betty Taylor
2nd: Carol Harrison
3rd: Linda Pilling
Hon mention: Pat Gerbrandt

Creative Non-Fiction:
1st: Tandy Balson
2nd: Sally Meadows
3rd: Eleanor Bertin

Kathryn Tatsu

Children's Fiction:
1st: Joy Baile
2nd: Eunice Cooper-Matchett
3rd: Sally Meadows
Hon Mention: Deb Elkink

You can also find beautiful readings of the first and second devotional winners on our Youtube channel! 

Congratulations once again!

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  1. Congratulations to all the volunteers & winners!
    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac


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