April 04, 2021

Susan, a poem by Susan Barclay




My name means lily

Purity, humility, devotion

Admirable traits indeed

Though not what I’d call thrilling


A storybook name

My mother says

One for each of her

Two little girls


A popular name

In my generation

Number one

The year I was born


We lilies come

In many colours

And add fragrance

To the world


We like the sun

And some of us the water

We’re strong and elegant

All at once


We bloom

Even in unlikely places

Even in the desert

Even here and now


I am Susan. I am a lily

I am blooming

Right in the spot

Where He planted me

c. Susan Barclay, 2021


You can find out more about Susan Barclay's writing at www.susan-barclay.blogspot.com


  1. How lovely! And the meaning is very appropriate for this Easter Sunday, too!

  2. You expressed the theme beautifully. Delightful!

  3. What a beautiful poem you wrote, Susan! And it's so appropriate for Easter Sunday, too!

  4. Love your poem. So personal and beautiful. And love the meaning. I had no idea.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Gloria :) Happy to illumine you!

  5. I love it! Thanks Susan, beautiful lily.

  6. I love this, Susan, but especially the last two stanzas! So thoughtful!!

  7. This is a wonderful weaving of words. Thanks, Susan.


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