April 05, 2021

Book Review - Sally Meadows' Amazing Animal Fact Books!

It's book review day here on the IWO blog! I want to feature a couple of books by Sally Meadows. This set of books are amazing and interesting for all ages. I was so impressed, I have given them as gifts to my students. Here are the reviews about the books that I posted online:

WHEN SLEEPING BIRDS FLY: 365 Amazing Facts About the Animal Kingdom

What a wonderful collection of true facts about the animal kingdom. It is an interesting little book, full of amazing oddities - perfect for children, but adults will love it, too. I can imagine a curious child, for example, sitting down and devouring it in one sitting, and I can also see readers picking through it at random, enjoying their “fun fact for the day,” as it were. It is a great book for kids who don’t like to read – they can just focus on the glorious curiosities presented. It will be a favourite for kids who do like to read – and they’ll want more. It’s for reluctant students and those with a keen scientific mind. It is for families to enjoy together. It should be on every homeschooling shelf and in every public school library. I have a suspicion that it will become a favourite in every household that owns it. I bought several copies and am giving them away as gifts. Commendations to author Sally Meadows for such a unique and engaging book!

WHEN CROCODILES CRY: 365 More Amazing Facts About the Animal Kingdom

Like the first book in this series, When Sleeping Birds Fly: 365 Amazing Facts About The Animal Kingdom, this volume is chock full of delightful and surprising information and should be in every home and school library – anywhere curious minds can be found!

If you have read these books, I encourage you to post an online review!

Thank you, Sally, for such entertaining information. Of course, Sally also has music and many other books that you can enjoy. Visit her website for more. 

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  1. Wow, thanks so much for including my two books on review day! For those not familiar with my books, not only are there questions at the back of each book, you can also access FREE downloadable extension activity printouts at this link: https://sallymeadows.com/free-stuff. Enjoy!


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