June 30, 2020

Covid-19 from the Rear-View Mirror by Sandi Somers

Image by Pixabay

January was the dawn of a new decade, and everyone expected it would be a landmark year with 20/20 vision—or so we thought. We had new expectations, new hopes, and new dreams. Even economists were optimistic. Who could have foreseen what lay ahead?

Covid-19 crept up on Canada and became full-blown in mid-March – in the week that changed our world.

These past four months of living with Covid have impacted our InScribe writers. We’ve had so many excellent blog posts on this theme, some of which I want to share again with you.

In March, our Lenten disciplines became submerged under the greater disciplines, restrictions, and denials of Covid.

ü  In her blog post, Marnie Pohlmann gave us pause for thought to “consider this present pandemic isolation as a ‘forced” lent’”. “We are forced to practice sacrifice this Lenten season,” she wrote, “and this may continue past when we usually celebrate our salvation at Easter. As Christians, we can willingly sacrifice for the good of the world, like Jesus did.”   

But paradoxically, these Covid restrictions became a place for God’s presence with and in us.

ü  Vickie Stam reflected on Psalm 90:12: “Teach us to realize the brevity of life so that we may grow in wisdom.” “The world feels different right now but God is still the same,” she wrote. “God will take care of us…We can use this time to draw closer to him and rest in him. Use this time for what is good. Notice what you have been missing in life. God wants us to depend on him.” 

ü  Steph Beth Nickel wrote: “It seemed like a very good time to focus on some of those things that never change.” In her characteristic style, she described 11 things to consider and ponder. 

Unlike celebrating Easter and Christ’s resurrection which followed Lent, our confinement with Covid-19 had and has no defined end. I sometimes felt we were living in C.S. Lewis's Narnian winter in our isolation, where it was always winter and never spring.

ü  SharonHeagy emphasized how much we wait during this time.  “Now we are all waiting. Waiting to move forward into whatever shape the world will take post pandemic pandemonium. But we need not be confused or anxious or impatient as we wait. This virus is no surprise to God and he will get us through it if we wait on Him. We have the Holy Spirit within us to guide us and teach us and comfort us.” She quoted a fellow blogger who wrote, “God is not asking you to figure it out. God is asking you to trust that He already has.” 

However, just as the Narnian winter gave way to spring, so during the spring of Covid, our writers emphasized some bright spots.

ü  JoyBailey wrote on the beauty she experienced during a spring isolation walk. “Life is different right now, but the world is still beautiful. God is still there. Still here.” 

Covid crept into our May and June topics of “Writing in the Cracks of Time” and “Writing Our Life Themes.” 

ü  SusanBarclay wrote an eloquent poem about trying to write in the congestion of home life during Covid.
Now I must grow my words
By force
Or they will not grow at all

ü  Lynn Dove continues to experience ongoing medical issues. “I know my writing is in perpetual metamorphosis,” she wrote. “What I write about today, will not be what I write about a year from now... maybe not even a week from now.  I'm okay with that.  I do pray I will be writing less and less about my ongoing medical issues…All I can say with great certainty going forward is, "The Themes They are A-Changin'". 

ü  Hope rose in Denise Ford’s poetic post in June.  She spoke of rising from the dormancy of the last few months to renew our lives and continue to write. Below are a few lines from a poem she wrote for her church, “When the New Day Dawns.”

So, I begin to step into this new day.
This dawning of life restructuring and falling together,
amidst social distancing, among creative masking, within boundaries and without controls, within respectfulness and without recklessness.
When the new day dawns I begin my reflection, responding to your glory, refining my thoughts to express my love to You.
Not leaving the encampment of your presence but revelling in it.
Taking note of the words that pour forth, over and through my lips to praise and gratefully acknowledge You.
You meet me as this new day dawns. My words no longer held back, no longer contained.
As this new day dawns, I begin my reflection, while your glory glides and settles over me, surrounded by your protection promises and your guidance within me.

How is God speaking to you now in your rear-view mirror of this pandemic?
What is your hope and your faith for your road up ahead?


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