June 25, 2020

Gone Fishing by Sharon Heagy

            Originally when I was thinking about this blog post I was just going to have a sign reading ‘Gone Fishing’.  After all, Wi-Fi signal is hit and miss in the waters of northern Saskatchewan. But I made a commitment and I need to keep it. It is something I have been striving towards. There was a time when I was anal about finishing every project and finishing it on time. Alas, I seem to be lacking in that department lately. I was hoping to get this post done before I left home but that didn’t happen. So here I am scrambling to meet my deadline. Whoever told John Denver that life on the farm is kinda laid back was, well, wrong – at least in my world. (And yes, Sheila Webster, I am using the farm as an excuse – again.  Hard to believe eh?)

            But God called me to write and I need to be obedient, for “to obey is better than sacrifice and to heed is better than the fat of rams.” (I Samuel: 22b)

            Our theme this month is…. themes. Hmmmm. Seems a bit redundant but I shall persevere.  I have been considering this month’s subject for quite sometime and upon reflection of past experiences certain truths have been revealed to me.  I have had a lot of ‘Oh, yeah!’ moments of remembering writing things that, I thought, had escaped my memory.

            Back when my sons were young, I had a column in a weekly newspaper titled ‘Rockglen Ramblings’. Re-reading some of the columns left me wondering where the editors were? The columns were basically, though I hesitate to admit it, A#1, first rate drivel.  But the people who owned the paper were busy people working on a deadline for a very, very, very small publication and they were kind enough to welcome and encourage this rookie writer.

            Since those beginning days I have dabbled in many genres trying to find my way. To find out what God’s purpose is for my writing. Seeking. Searching. Should I author Children’s stories?  Poetry? Magazine articles? Fiction? Non-fiction?  But lately, after all these years, things are sorting themselves out and they are becoming clearer. There is most definitely a theme, no matter what the genre.

            Three words have repeatedly come to mind as I mull over my past musings and ramblings. Hope. Humour. Encouragement. To touch a soul and bring light to a dark heart. To help someone smile, perhaps even to laugh in the midst of their struggles.  To help them to know that their Abba does indeed love them, does indeed care for them and is beside them every second.  These are the themes I need to share in the words God gives to me.

            Inscribe has shown me that there is a wonderful variety of writing voices that need to be heard. Each writer may touch a heart that needs to be encouraged in a certain way.  It is our responsibility, our privilege and our gifting.

            I would like to encourage each of you to never give up, to push through the writer’s block and blank pages until words appear that pierce or comfort a heart, all to the glory of God. Keep going, dear friends. Keep going, I tell myself. Never give up. For someone out there needs to read your words. Including me. Your words are a wealth of encouragement to me for which I will be forever grateful.

            God will speak through you as you surrender, surrender, surrender. 

            But, for now, I hear the call of the Loon and I must respond, head to the lake, and go fishing. God be with you.


  1. Hope, humor and encouragement are worthy themes, Sharon. I am thankful that you persevered - despite the sketchy Northern Sask internet!

  2. Thanks for halting the fishing long enough to give us some "hope, humour and encouragement," Lorilee. Did you know that “Being a writer is like having homework every night for the rest of your life(?) (Quote by Lawrence Kasdan) Good on you for getting your post in on time.


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