May 04, 2020

Writing in the Cracks by Susan Barclay

Writing in the Cracks

I write in isolation
In the cracks of time
Between work
And family
And home

I write in silence
Please do not disturb
Go away
And leave me

Words are like butterflies
Fluttering here and there

Or they're like morning mist
Or sand through your fingers 
Not easy to catch
And now we are isolated
The time-cracks wider
And still there is work
And family 
And home 

I hear my children's voices
They are loud
My man sits too close
The dog scratches
At the door

There is no distance
No quiet

I love them
But still they stay

Now I must grow my words
By force
Or they will not grow at all
 c. Susan Barclay, 2020
You can find out more about Susan Barclay's writing at


  1. So true, and somewhat tongue in cheek, I suspect!

    1. A little bit, Tracy ;) Glad you enjoyed!

  2. Well placed and succinct words about Writing in the Cracks. What a perfect photo image. Thank you.

  3. I like this! Clever idea.
    Pam M

  4. How true our writing in the cracks during the pandemic is. We feel we have lots of time, and then others and life intrudes. Well written!

    I love your picture!

    1. Thank you, Sandi! Glad I'm not the only one feeling this way!


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