November 22, 2019

Through These Words by Alan Anderson


“You shall remember all the way which Yahweh your God has led you” (Deuteronomy 8:2)

My writing has always been a companion for my soul. This is most prevalent in my times of sorrow or loneliness and life-changing upheavals. Writing also witnesses my periods of joy and excitement as life moves on. The words I write help me express what my heart longs to say.

My childhood enveloped me in a cloak of shyness. This took years for me to come out of my shell. Even then I shunned being noticed by other people. I lived my youth like an unheard of book hidden away in a musty corner of a library. 

Now as an almost old guy it seems years have gone by in the speed of light. I look back on decades of trying to find myself, and where I fit into God’s plan. Even today I can blush at mistakes I made in my faith. If it is possible I’m sure I must have been an embarrassment to God.

In the past three years I know of God’s leading and care. He has brought my wife and I to a stage in life we can rest in. No, we don’t have money to burn. We have our children and grandchildren close by. We belong to a caring church family we love to be part of. Besides such blessings, I am in a deeper love with my writing.

This month brought a new chapter in the life of my writing. I am in love with poetry, a beautiful form of storytelling. A serious consideration to write poetry is new to me. From a distance I have always admired poets. Poetry, done well, can have a powerful emotional impact on readers.

In the first week of November I listened to a poet on the internet radio channel, Ancient Faith Radio. Angela Doll Carlson, hosts her program, The Wilderness Journal. Her way of reading poetry drew me in right away. Nothing else in the moment mattered as I listened to the beauty of her poem. She read like she loved every word. Through, Angela Doll Carlson, poetry embraced me. I sensed God’s call for me to enter this beautiful form of writing.

I am unsure where poetry will take me. For now I’m exploring its territory. From my point of view, a storyteller who is a Christian, I pray my poems will give peace to readers and stir their souls. I pray I stay true to the writing God lays on my heart. I trust my poetry presents a sense of suffering and hope. This is what my writing is all about.

Please accept this humble poem written for our InScribe family.

Through These Words
By Alan Anderson

Life’s storms assail,
while waves crash over us.
We reach for the shore,
but the waves are stronger.
Weakness overtakes us,
we are frail,
we cannot do this on our own.

Our Creator, the Author,
gives us words.
Be faithful to these words,
true heart words from God.
Like fresh air,
His truth sets us free.

Our call, to minister with words,
What a way to view life!
To give peace to the world,
comfort to mourners,
strength to the fearful,
and life to the dying,
Through these words!

Alan lives in Deroche, B.C. with his wife, Terry. Alan contributed stories to Good Grief People by Angel Hope Publishing, 2017 and Story by Story: The Power Of a Writer, Unstoppable Writers Publishing, 2018. Blog: Alan is BC rep for InScribe.



  1. Your poem is heartfelt and beautiful. God's richest blessings as you explore this new form of expression!

    1. Hi Tracy. I'm enjoying poetry and right now have lots of ideas for poems. With the poems comes a lot of work deciding on the words to use. Thank you for enjoying our InScribe poem.

  2. What you feel about your writing resonates with me, Alan."My writing has always been a companion for my soul." So true of many of us who are sometimes wordless on the outside but full of beautiful expression on the inside. I admire that you are trying a new genre. It is a high calling to be a poet. Thanks for sharing from your heart!

    1. Hi Valerie! Thank you for your comments. Yes, as an introvert I find it easier to write my feelings. I'm happy you resonate with the words I wrote.

  3. Thanks, Alan, for sharing yourself and your story and, now, even the poetry that is singing in your soul. “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7

    1. Hi Sharon! I'm going to work on poetry and see what comes out of me. :) I have to say, as a storyteller I love poetry as a medium to express myself. I'm hoping people will find meaning in my poetry.

  4. I love that the shy younger version of you has come out of that shell and is exploring new things. You're words and stories are always an encouraging reminder that we are not alone in our trials. Your poem is beautiful and it speaks of God and the hope we have. Thanks for sharing your new passion for writing.

  5. Hi Vickie! You are always an encouragement to me as my writing buddy. I'm glad our paths crossed even though we are miles apart. Keep on writing, my friend.

  6. "We have our children and grandchildren close by. We belong to a caring church family we love to be part of."

    This is Great Wealth!

  7. Indeed it is Sandi! :) This pretty well sums up my life as I wander toward my old guy years. No complaints here.

  8. Thanks for sharing a brief overview of your life journey with God, Alan. I know what it's like to look back on the shy person who sometimes didn't take chances with God. But God has been so faithful, reminding me that God can and does use those sometimes stumbling steppingstones towards Him to encourage others.

  9. Our writing skills always benefit from trying new forms. I enjoy writing poetry too, at least on occasion. Keep creating, Alan!

  10. Anonymous8:31 pm GMT-7

    Poetry is soul language.Souls will comprehend even before the mind makes sense of it fully.


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