November 12, 2019

Guest Post by Lorilee Guenter

The journal lay open to a blank page waiting for ink to spill across it. Words stain the page and mark this moment, this day. Later, I will return to them as a reminder, a sign of where God was at work. Words on pages mark the journey as trail markers direct the hiker.
My journal holds years of quotes, verses, ramblings and ponderings. I scribbled ideas and prayers side by side. One day I wrote the words of Jeremiah 31:21 where the Israelites are instructed to "take not of the highway, the road that you take." Aha, my journal records the route God has led me on and the times I wandered from the path. I can return to it and see God's faithfulness even in my unfaithfulness.
I remained content to record my thoughts just for me. Then one by one I had encouragements to take my writing beyond my journal so others could see them. Listening to the prodding I let some words escape the boundaries I placed on them and share them. But I am not a writer, I argue on the page and to those who suggested it. Then I started sharing snippets of writing, not knowing where the path would lead. The encouragement and the arguments continued. But God did not leave me there. He does not leave anyone stuck who walks with Him and trusts Him to mark the way ahead of them.
My journal still catches quotes and verses, ramblings and ponderings. But now the journal is joined by stories, essays and poems that are shared. It is my hope as I record the words given to me that they will teach, encourage and challenge those who read them just as they do for me as I write them.
I can not see the road ahead. I still question my writing and argue in my journal. But I know God can see the path ahead and it is my job to be obedient to His prompting.
Lorilee Guenter is a long time journal keeper who is slowly releasing her writing into the world. Some of her encouragers say 'about time' even though she wants to say 'not yet'.


  1. Thank you for being a guest this month on the blog, Lorilee. Hope to hear more from you in the future.

  2. A journal is a safe and comfortable place to share so many things. Journals can also provide the walls that keep others from seeing who we really are. It sounds like God is telling you it's okay to step out of your world of "content" and allow Him to do something unexpected in you. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  3. I’m looking for the Like button. 😉

  4. Journals are for arguing too! So true. My journals are wrestling words, for sure. Lovely piece!

  5. You’ve written a good message here, Lorilee. Thank you. May God bless you as you follow his lead and share more of your thoughts and your life for his glory.

  6. Hi Lorilee! I relate to what you write here. In fact, I could have written your words. :) On the other hand,I haven't journalled for quite a while. I encourage you, my friend, to keep walking through the doors God opens for you. You are a writer and we would love to read more of your words.

  7. Thank you, Lorilee, for sharing how you're releasing your writing to the world. I loved your quote, "I can not see the road ahead. I still question my writing... But I know God can see the path ahead and it is my job to be obedient to His prompting." It's wonderful how God opens the doors for us.


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