November 29, 2019

Ready, Write, Submit!

There are so many opportunities to share your writing. It's one of the many benefits of being an InScribe member!

Contests: We host two contests per year - our Fall contest which is for new writing in a variety of categories and our Winter contest (coming soon!) for published pieces.

FellowScript: Yes, FellowScript takes submissions! Why not submit an article or poem? Check out the themes for coming issues and the submission guidelines.

This blog: Would you like to become a regular contributor to this blog? We can make that happen! We are also looking for guest posts, and book reviews. Contact Tracy for more details.

Professional Blog: We host a blog on our website that deals with a variety of writing topics. Stephnaie Nickel is our moderator, so why not check it out?

Writing Challenges: Our Writing challenge guru, Glynis Belec, posts a topic (usually monthly) on the listserv and members can write a short piece which is shared among the group. Winners get 'accolades', but sometimes even prizes or publication! How cool is that? 

Note: Most of these links require that you 'LOG IN' to our website. Not sure how to do that? Contact our webmaster, Marnie Pohlmann. 

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