March 31, 2016

Beyond the Book - What does it mean to be an Authorpreneur? By Kimberley Payne

I’m an author who is reinventing herself as an 'authorpreneur'. I’ve ventured into sharing my book (Fit for Faith – 7 weeks to improved spiritual and physical health) in other formats including online courses, podcasts, webinars, Youtube videos, and teleseminars. If you’re an author with a message you’d like to share beyond the book then consider creating one (or all) of the following:

1)     Online courses

I took my nonfiction book content to create three online courses called The Christian’s Pathway to Holistic Health I split the book into the three main sections: Prayer & Exercise, Bible Study & Healthy Eating, and Journal Writing & Stretching. The video tutorials are designed to watch from anywhere in the world and cater to people’s many different learning styles.

I created each of the seven videos using PowerPoint and Movie Maker – two programs that are part of the Microsoft package on my PC.

2)     Podcasts

I created a podcast called Health Matters – Healthy Body, Healthy Spirit where I interview experts in the field of spiritual and physical health. I personally love to connect with other like-minded people and this podcast keeps me inspired. At the end of each interview, the guest gives one tip for each of 4 disciplines of Bible study, Exercise, Eating Healthy & Prayer – or BEEP. I’ve already interviewed over 20 guests and plan to continue the podcast as long as I can find experts to interview.

I use a free program called FreeConferenceCalling to interview my guests over the phone and then upload the podcast into a paid service called Audello which sends it to iTunes and Stitcher Radio.

Another podcast that I regularly contribute to is HopeStreamRadio where I feature three -minute fit tips. Fit Tips is a program that reports on current thinking in health and fitness to debunk the myths and promote the practices that contribute to healthy living.
If you have a message that you’d like to share through a Christian Internet Radio Station, contact HopeStreamRadio as they are always open to new contributors and provide all the training to help you get your message out to the world.

3)     Webinars

I’ve hosted a few webinars (a live meeting that takes place over the web) and made the replay available to watch from my website. I chose three topics specific to my book:  How to Stop Stress Eating, The Call to Care for our Bodies, and Getting Started with Strength Training . Registration is free and people can choose from 4 daily time slots to watch the webinar.

I created these webinars using a paid program called Easywebinar .

4)     YouTube videos

I created a YouTube channel, Fit4Faith,  where I feature all of the above videos plus a series of 30-second Quick Tips. I’ve uploaded 10 short videos with a tip on each of the four disciplines: Bible study, Exercise, Eating Healthy and Prayer.

These were by far the simplest to create. I used my smartphone to record the short tips and then uploaded the videos to YouTube. I would recommend a selfie-stick if you want to go this route.

5)     Teleseminars

Lastly, I’ve hosted two teleseminars, otherwise called telesummits. The first telesummit featured 5 guest audio interviews. Six months later, I held my second telesummit titled, “Lose Weight & Keep it off Summit” where I featured 5 guest video interviews.

I again used FreeConferenceCalling for the first telesummit of audio interviews. I used Google+ Hangouts on Air to create the video interviews.

Now, this may all seem overwhelming and you may wonder where you could possibly find the time to create these materials. But keep in mind that I did not create them overnight. They’ve been years in the making. And I created them one at a time. Once you learn one of the technologies it becomes easier to use it in another way.

As an author you are inherently creative. Now all you need to do is pick a new way to share your message with the world!

Kimberley Payne


Thank you, Kimberley, for this very informative guest post!


  1. Anonymous5:51 am GMT-7

    Lot's of great stuff here! And encouraging to read how you did one task at a time as it does not happen overnight.

    1. Thanks Lynn. Yes, when I read the post it feels exhausting! :) But it really has been years in the making, taking one day at a time.

  2. you're an inspiration and these are some very good ideas

    1. Thanks Tracy. I'm hoping that other authors will get at least one new idea to try.

    2. Thanks Tracy. I hope it stirs the creative juices.

  3. What you're doing is fantastic--and you have so much energy. Thanks for spurring the rest of us on.

    1. Thanks Connie. The glory belongs to God...He is the one who gives me the ideas and the energy to follow thru on them.

  4. Thanks, Kimberley, for sharing how you have become an authorpreneur. As writers, we can limit ourselves to thinking of writing books or freelance writing as the only ways to go. You have introduced us to so much more. I imagine your reach many people this way with your faith message, and I appreciate the way you have linked spiritual, physical, and even mental health together.

    1. Thanks Sharon. I believe that we live in times desperate to hear the message God has given us. It's exciting to live in times that offer us so many ways than ever to do this.

  5. Fantastic, Kimberley! You are always a front runner in innovation!

  6. Wow, thanks for all these tips in one place, Kimberly! Wishing you and your readers and followers great success and blessing from your words.


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