May 15, 2021

Words, Words, Words! by Tracy Krauss

"Words, word, words!" 

Hamlet's declaration from Act Two Scene Two rings in my head as I ponder what to write for this month's theme. Hamlet is responding to Polonius's question, "What do you read, my lord?" At first, his answer seems obvious - even cryptic. "Words, words, words!" He is pretending to be mad and therefore the lines are often performed with either dramatic flair or comedic nuance. My favourite example is from a comedy spoof by the Reduced Shakespeare Company.  It makes me belly laugh every time! It's probably why these words are stuck in my head.

Words stick. 

Unfortunately, as some have already shared, negative words tend to be the most tenacious in this regard. I am reminded of the times when I have been careless with my own words or have even felt I had the right to express an opinion that ended up hurting someone. Oh, how I wish I could take those words back! Even though I apologized and tried to make it right, I cringe to think that my negative words may still be planted in someone's heart. 

Fortunately, we have God's Word.  

Psalm 119 in its entirety is a wonderful study on the attributes of the Word of God, including the familiar: "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." Psalm 119: 105 (KJV)

Then there is THE WORD.

The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. John 1: 14 (NIV)

As writers, we are in the business of words. 

No matter whom we are writing for, let's make sure our words are laced with grace. 


Tracy Krauss
plays with words on a daily basis from her home in northern BC. Visit her website to view her many novels, stage plays, short stories and devotional books. She is currently serving as InScribe's president. 


  1. Definitely I too, have words that I wished I never voiced out loud to another! I'm grateful for His grace and the gracious nature He leads us to.

    1. Where would we be without the grace of God?!

    2. Amen! God is incredibly patient with us slow learners and fast-fuse burners.

  2. Hi Tracy! Thank you for the reminder of the importance of gracious words. As writers we have been given a wonderful call from God and one we need to nurture so we don't mess things up. :) Take care!

  3. Love the phrase “laced with grace”. May our words always be so. Thanks, Tracy.

  4. "Laced with grace." I too like that phrase. Good one to remember. Thanks.

    1. If I was a poet perhaps I'd use it in a poem!

  5. Words can be funny too. I love puns and ironic phrases. Let's do like a Christian band called Brotherlove sang. "Point the way, not the finger."

  6. Thanks, Tracy. I, too, loved your reminder: "As writers, we are in the business of words...let's make sure our words are laced with grace." That is my prayer for all of us.


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