May 17, 2021

Welcoming Coffee, Wild Rides, and Word Power - by Connie Mae Inglis

Confession #1: I love my morning coffee. Are you the same? In fact, some evenings, as I head for bed, I’m already thinking about tomorrow’s first cup of joe.

While I do love coffee, I am, in actuality, using the word “coffee” metonymically because it’s during my morning quiet time that I enjoy that first cup. That’s my favourite time of day. And when that time is done, my mind, spirit, soul, and body, have all been “caffeinated.” 

 In my upcoming novel, my protagonist is encouraged by a little girl’s words in his mind. They become a jolt of caffeine for him in the moment and are exactly what he needs in the face of some difficult choices. They offer him energy, understanding, encouragement, support, and hope.

Here’s another confession: As a mother, I’ve had a stressful and exhausting week. When you have adult children diagnosed with a mental illness, like I do (two, in fact, each diagnosed differently), life can be painful. When the illness become overwhelming, they can make choices that hurt—that cause sadness and grief—and that can result in lots of questions without answers. Lots of uncertainty. That’s been my week. 

This is not the first time I’ve ridden this merry-go-round. In fact, I’ve ridden it so often that I’ve started to give the horses names: Thunder. Fury. Donnie Darko. Funny words—but not! 


I could end this post right here with those two words and it would be enough because GOD is enough! 

But I also know I’m not alone in facing troubles in this world. In fact, Jesus even promised this would happen. But He also provided ways to deal with trouble—to take heart. And to offer words rich with caffeine—words that energize, encourage, support, and offer hope. 

I’ve learned a lot about trusting a faithful and merciful God. 

I’ve also learned a lot about trusting faithful and supportive friends. I’ve learned that being vulnerable with people that really care about you is good. There is hope there. 

Confession #3: Sometimes I get so distraught and so exhausted on this caregiving journey that I don’t know how to pray. I have NO words! 


In those times, I’ve learned to cry out to prayer warriors for help. I’ve learned to lean on others to uphold not just me but my family as well. Their prayers have often been my jolt of caffeine when I’m drowning in sorrow. 

One specific InScribe group has been my support. I’m talking about my writers’ group, Writers’ Café. The first time I opened up to them about what was going on, I discovered each one had encountered mental illness in some way, whether in their families or with friends. They listened. They empathized. They supported. NOT with trite answers or hollow clichés or judgment, but with love and grace. 

This group not only spoke into me and my situation but they wrote. I received many emails of support—their words of prayer and also Scripture passages that they prayed. Their words have sustained me through some difficult time. 

I’ve kept all their emails and return to them at times as a reminder of how good God has been in gifting me with this group of prayer warriors. I’d like to share some of their words with you in the hope that they’ll encourage you today:

“You and Doug are exercising faith beyond anything you every expected could happen in your family. When you get wobbly, take it to the Lord immediately. He's ready to hear anything you may have to say. I know you know that, but in circumstances like this we parents can shock ourselves with how violent our sense of violation and desire to protect can become. Remember, God had a son as well. He had to let Jesus go through some horrific stuff too before He could come out the other end. God knows. He understands.”

“When I closed my eyes to pray for you and Doug this afternoon I immediately saw a thick heavy fog. Then in the fog I could just make out the form of Jesus walking. He appeared tall and strong and resolute. You and Doug were stumbling along in the fog almost overwhelmed, one on each side of Jesus. He had a firm grip of each of you by the wrist and He was pulling you along through the fog. The look on his face was sad but determined. He looked straight ahead and He wasn't stopping and He wasn't letting go.”

Do these words fill you with hope like they do for me? 

I’m learning something else through these life-giving words. I’m beginning to realize that I too should be offering words to others. When the Spirit is nudging me to pray something specific for a person, I’m learning to ask the Spirit if He wants me to share it with the person I’m praying for. God can even use my words to help someone else. 

A few years ago, someone shared the song, “Speak Life” by TobyMac, with me, as a reminder of how powerful words can be. As a follower of Jesus, I desire to speak words of life—just like God and His people have done for me. I’m still learning. But, in God, there’s always hope! 


  1. "And to offer words rich with caffeine—words that energize, encourage, support, and offer hope." Your words have been the caffeine I needed today. Thank you. Also, thank you for encouraging us to share our stories and our struggles because sharing brings hope into our lives and for others!

  2. So true about Christ guiding us along. We rarely are taken out of a situation but our Lord never forsakes us.

  3. Your words, as always, fill me with hope and encouragement. thank you for sharing, Connie.

    1. Thanks Tracy for giving me an opportunity to write and share words!

  4. Thanks for your words today, Connie. You have blessed me so many times as you have shared. I'm glad that others, in turn, have blessed you with words of encouragement.

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  6. Speak Life. I love that song, Connie. And I love your words too - caffeine for the soul. LORD, help me to be that for someone today.

  7. Thanks for your honesty and vulnerability, Connie. We need to be brutally honest in the body of Christ if we are going to gird one another in prayer and encouragement. We really do need one another.

  8. Thanks, Connie, for sharing how you opened your life to your writers' group and how others came in and cared for you, prayed with and for you, and sent emails of support. You've shown how the body of Christ in community is so important.


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