May 31, 2021

Silence... by Sheila Webster

 Sometimes it is not the words that mean the most but silence in all the ups and downs of life.

For some time I have had a friend who thought I was helping them.  Turns out perhaps they have helped me more. When I talk they do not edit me or argue. Often their silence is pure affirmation of me as a person.  It has not happened before in this way. 

They may not believe the argument but they always believe me - life changing for me. 

Every evangelical needs an agnostic as a friend to sharpen and hone their beliefs and to help discard absolutely false ones of themselves and the Creator.

I thank God everyday they arrived during this last turbulent season to remind me of who God made me to be and that I may be a dishevelled mess one day but it isn’t a permanent state. The next day without explanation I will be amazing. It doesn’t matter i can be like Saskatchewan weather 32 degrees one day and snow on the horizon that evening. It doesn’t mean anything is deeply flawed in me. 

Their silent encouragement and occasional words have brought out a stable acceptance that I am not just ok...I have moments of amazing and it’s all good.

In turn I have been able to edit the things in my life that hindered me from being my best. (Throwing off all that encumbers echoes loudly here)

We never know what slaves we have been to our stuff, loyalties, false notions of low self worth (no matter how deeply those lies have been branded on our fragile hearts) until we are set free from them by the truth.  It doesn’t matter who speaks that truth, God uses whatever or whomever we will listen to.

I will miss them when they go as our friendship is not a permanent fixture. The impact of their silence, their few words, their looks and the mutual enjoyment of creation how ever is empowering and endearing. Loads of laughter, challenging circumstances, crazy adventures and heap loads of room and forgiveness have created an internal cohesive space I no longer want to leave.

Thank God for friends of all faith and walks of life. 

Sheila Webster


  1. What an interesting take on how silence can speak louder than words. It reminds me of a rebroadcast of an Abbot and Costello show I happened to tune in. A woman was scolding Lou for something. He finally got fed up and exclaimed, "Lady, you should see a doctor about your face." "My face," she wondered, "What's wrong with my face?" Lou simply said, "It talks too much." What a brilliant line!

  2. I really loved this post, Sheila. Thank you Jesus that we aren't in a permanent state of dishevelment!!

  3. Love this perspective and I agree wholeheartedly that we all need agnostic friends to help us define our faith. This post poked my heart. Thanks


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