June 29, 2019

Fall Contest! Start now!

Time to start writing those Fall Contest entries, folks! Here are the categories:

Children’s Fiction – Maximum 1000 words. No pictures.

Drama Script – Maximum 1500 words plus stage directions.

Non-Fiction to Conference Theme “Come to the Well” (John 4:14b) – Maximum 1500 words

Song Writing – 1-2 pages of lyrics with chord symbols, plus an MP3 vocal recording. Instruments optional. Voice quality is not judged.

Poetry – Maximum 40 lines, any style. Please state the style on your submission (eg: free verse, rhymed, sonnet, etc.)

Devotional – Maximum 300 words. Scripture must be included.

As you probably know, the Fall Contest is a 'PERK' of membership so if you are not a member or have let your membership lapse, now is the time to fix that! For more info about the Fall Contest go to our website:

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