June 04, 2019

Dreaming of Things to Come by Susan Barclay

Getting on the fast-track
As I faced this month's writing challenge, initiated by me, I wondered what I had in mind at the time of suggesting it. Anything? Anything at all? Has God spoken to me about my writing or used it to speak to others about Him in a meaningful way? Is He speaking to me now?

If you count my contributions on Inscribe Writers Online, I have received positive feedback fairly often. Thank you for letting me know when a piece I've written speaks to your heart; it's greatly encouraging!

For this post, though, it's the present I latch onto: "...perhaps He is speaking to you now."

He is speaking to me now indeed. Whether it's about the writing or something else, I'm not 100% sure. What I am certain of is that it pertains to my work and that He is calling me to a new thing. This doesn't mean that I'm to stop what I'm currently doing, that I'm to resign my position at the library or step away from my writing commitments or forget about submitting manuscripts, poems, etc. It does mean that I need to pay attention, to look for doors that might be opening, to listen to the comments of others who may be dropping heavenly hints, to hear what God is saying to me through His Word, and to be in prayer, seeking His direction.

One way He has spoken to me recently is through a dream. While I won't go into its details, and I know that it may sound weird to some, a friend who is gifted in interpretation shared that God is entrusting me with something of great value and is putting me on the fast-track somewhere. Through the dream He says that He hears my heart and it matches His for this particular thing. He is present with me, even if I can't see Him. The dream is about something to come but also has a warning: this is the time to get ready, to prepare. A life-changing moment is coming. He will advise me what to do, and it will be done through Him, supernaturally.

If life has been "interesting" this past year (to say the least), it seems that the wow factor may just be ramping up. My desire is to be in the centre of God's will and to say yes to whatever He has for me. I trust that is the desire of your heart for your life as well. May God bless each of us as we respond in obedience and follow where He leads.

Susan Barclay maintains a website at www.susan-barclay.blogspot.com and has practically given up on blogging there.


  1. This post really spoke to my heart, Susan. I love this line - "It does mean that I need to pay attention," Exactly! God does speak to us but it is up to us to pay attention!

    1. And paying attention isn't always easy - we all live such busy lives these days :( But there's nothing more important than knowing what God wants us to be doing, and where. Thanks, Tracy.

  2. YES is a great response to God, Susan. Jocelyn and I talk about our "adventures in saying YES." Not always easy but always good.

  3. I'm not worried about the future. Thanks to people like Job, I know that the Lord is handling all the details. We're just along for the ride.


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