September 26, 2018

Indelible - Marnie Pohlmann

How faith feeds my writing. How writing feeds my faith. 

Thinking of this month's theme, I realized both faith and writing are indelibly imprinted on every area of my life. I process life through my writing. I better understand my faith by writing. Faith directs my life decisions, and faith leaves its fingerprints all over my writing, even when I am not trying to write for a Christian audience. 

So I have to wonder, could I convincingly write a character who holds different beliefs than me? Or would my worldview still show like smudges on glass? I don't want to write characters who are stereotypical. I want to write, and read, characters who are real, diverse people who act on what they believe. 

I have heard the best way to tell a counterfeit bill from the real thing is by knowing the real deal. I believe I can succeed in writing about other worldviews in my characters by knowing my own beliefs.  When I know how deeply my own faith influences my daily decisions, I am better able to see what decisions would be made based on different thoughts. 

For example, this might be something as simple as taking out the garbage. Do they recycle? Or compost? If my own beliefs can influence what I do with garbage, another's belief system would likely be involved in their choice, too. 

The post I originally wrote to explore this theme shows how both faith and writing are more than skin-deep in me, but I decided it was a post better suited to my personal blog instead of this Inscribe Writer's blog. If you want to read about how indelibly writing and faith colour my life, read my post on my home blog, Phosphorescent.

I am also interested in your thoughts on how you feel your writing can show other beliefs than your own. What research do you do to understand another's viewpoint? Comment on this post to discuss how you write to break down stereotypes and make your characters come alive.

Marnie writes from northern British Columbia, where she lives, works, and ministers with her husband. 


  1. I sincerely hope that our readers will take a few minutes and check out the link to your personal blog. It is such a powerful testament!

    1. Yes, I hope so. And if they think it would touch someone, I hope they share. I am a little nervous about making it so public, but I want it to be an encouragement and to glorify God. The only way to do that is to share...

  2. I read your Phosphorescent post this morning and commented on how moving I thought this was, such an honest and beautiful expression of your indelible faith and your indelible ink for writing and for tattoo art.

    Checking now, I see my comment didn't go through, so I'll have to look into how your new site works. I also clicked on your post about Nana's words and read the Scripture your mom used to pray for each of her nine children. Lovely thoughts there too. I haven't written much fiction, so I don't have a personal comment from my experience, but this is a valid question for further investigation. From reading fiction, I realize a good writer makes that shift from his own thoughts, perspective and manner of speaking to what a character might be thinking, doing, saying. I'd need lots of practice in this.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and writing, Marnie. Love your new photo. Was this done at FC?

    1. Sharon, your comment on my blog will go through - I just haven't had time to moderate the comments yet. Will right away, though.
      I am still trying to sort out the new theme on my blog, as it has some glitches, but I'm glad the archives are working LOL My new photo was done by a local photographer before conference, but I did get some done there, too. Can't wait to see them!

  3. Marnie, thanks for the prompt to research into the faith/beliefs of other people. Happy to follow the link to your blogsite.


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