April 28, 2018

My Compulsion to Write - Bruce Atchison

Pierre Berton, in his book The Joy of Writing, put it well. A writer should write because they must. I agree with him on that point since very few people make a living from their prose.

I've always liked making up stories. Even as a boy, my sister Diane was lulled to sleep by the stories I told her each night.

I also used to gather a crowd of girls who laughed and giggled at my silly stories during Recess. Since I had poor sight, the boys wouldn't let me play sports with them.

Having stories read onto tape was a real boon for me. I spent many happy hours engrossed in the adventures and misadventures created by authors.

Now I'm the one creating those stories. None have won me any fame and money but I still write them occasionally. There really is joy in writing for those of us gripped by the compulsion to write.


  1. You continue to be such an inspiration to others, Bruce. keep up the good work!

  2. It seems that many of us here on InScribe agree with Pierre Berton. Keep on creating!


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