October 23, 2015

Letters of Love by Lynn J Simpson

Reflecting on this month's theme of Thanksgiving, my thoughts return to many moments of friends, of words spoken and written this past year, that encouraged me during an emotional healing time. If I was to write all of them, this post would end up a novella! Just writing this I feel my heart humbled by His love for me, His patience, and perfect timing. Below is an excerpt from a writing on my personal blog, a story of one of those moments. 

November 2, 2014

I walked into the church, a heart full of gratitude. The evening before I was blessed with 15 friends in my home for a 'Thanksgiving' friendship dinner. During the evening I gave each guest a handmade card and they wrote their name on the front. Each of these cards were passed around and each of us wrote a gratitude, a loving message of encouragement to each other. I could feel hearts of love, of peace. But what brought tears to my eyes, and made my heart 'hurt' with love, was the end of the evening. Passed to me was a package of notes. Notes of gratitude and encouragement from each friend to ME that had been written BEFORE the party. 

In the quiet, after everyone had left, the smell of turkey lingering, I sat on my couch and read each note. Then bowed my head to God. I have no words, I prayed. I don't understand. I don't deserve..... Words of a few close friends came to mind, "You are amazing and loved Lynn. Receive this." 

And then my heart whispered. 

Receive My love. Trust Me with what words I want You to hear, what relationships I want you to have. Don't try so hard. 

Just receive My love for you. 

I bowed my head deeper in gratitude, tears flowing.

May you have moments today that make you heart leap, and your head bow in a gratitude beyond words.  


  1. Your story tugs at my heart, Lynn. "Receive My love. Trust Me with what words I want You to hear, what relationships I want you to have. Don't try so hard." What a critical message to internalize. How can God show us his love if we reject it because we feel unworthy? We ARE unworthy, but he loves us anyway. That, I think, is the place where healing begins.

  2. This reminds me of how powerful words of affirmation and gratitude are. Lynn created a space and opportunity for others to intentionally do so, and received the precious gift herself--and then the ultimate affirmation from the One who matters most. So beautiful.

  3. I think if we even came close to comprehending how much God loves us, we would be so overwhelmed with the power of that love that our emotions would burst. That sounds funny. I guess what I'm trying to say is that His love truly is ineffable. Thanks for reminding me of that Lynn. I needed that.

  4. This is beautiful Lynn. You reached out and in turn you were touched. I love how you also wrote it in such a simplistic, heart-touching way.

  5. My eyes got misty, too, when I read your story. What a wonderful idea to have this Thanksgiving Friendship Dinner! Bless you for thinking of this, planning and carrying it out. One of our friends, who has passed, used to say as he left after an evening we'd all enjoyed, "We'll remember this evening for a long time." You and your friends will remember this evening you gave them a long time also.

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  7. How lovely, Lynn! What a sweet idea to bless your friends, and a fitting return of the love.


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