October 24, 2015

Closed Doors - by Tandy Balson

When I started my writing journey it seemed that all the right doors were opening for me. My small measure of success was enough to encourage me to keep on writing. My blog grew from 25 subscribers to 100. The few that were unknown to me were the most exciting.

A few pieces I submitted for publication were accepted and I felt I could legitimately call myself a writer.

Then things changed. Comments on my blog posts became non-existent. I started to doubt my calling. 

Rejection became more frequent than acceptance. On the outside I smiled and congratulated my colleagues on their success. Although I was happy for them I was also disappointed that success wasn’t smiling upon me. I wondered what had gone wrong.

It appeared that the doors I was knocking on were remaining firmly closed. Why was this happening? Was I focused on the wrong doors? Were there others I should try?

I gained some insight when I read All The Places to Go: How Will You Know by John Ortberg.  In it he talks about God placing doors before us. When they are open, it’s our choice to go through them or not. The doors that God closes cannot be forced open, no matter how hard we try. A line from the book that had great meaning for me was, “Someday, somehow, in a way none of us now can understand, we will be as grateful for the closed doors as we are for the open ones now.”

Perhaps the closed doors were there because I had more to learn before I would be ready to go through them. Maybe I was trying to do too much in my own strength rather than waiting for guidance from God.

All I know for sure is that the plan is not my own. My job is to be aware of the doors before me and learn from both the open and closed ones. I have faith that God will open the right doors for me as I walk closely with him and pay attention to his leading.


  1. "Perhaps the closed doors were there because I had more to learn before I would be ready to go through them." For me, this has become abundantly clear. Going through a door without all the tools I need is a recipe for disaster. For the between-times, it sounds like you've learned to Wait Well, Tandy. I hope I can do that, too.

  2. What a great line from the book. Being grateful for closed doors is such a difficult thing to do. I don't think many of us like letting go of the things we can't understand. I know that I have trouble with this. Keep the faith!

  3. This is so insightful Tandy. Thank you

  4. That John Ortberg quote is so true--and something we should remember. Thanks for reminding me that God will open and close doors because He knows what is best for me.

  5. Tandy,
    Excellent thoughts. When we get upset with closed doors it doesn't help at all. I like what Jeff Goins said when we come to that point, either wait or pivot. Keep moving, keep writing and keep connecting. We are all learning something even if doors are shut.
    Blessings in your writing,

  6. Good point, Tandy. I've been dealing with what seem to be a lot of closed doors for a while now, and found your words a comforting reminder of God's wisdom and faithfulness.


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