April 19, 2015

Joy in Fresh Perspectives by Joylene M. Bailey

I like to spend time with children. A child's perspective is always fresh, in a way that we forget as we become adults. I like to try to figure out how a child would see a situation. How would they understand it? How would they describe it? What does it look like from their eye-level?

I'm reminded of the time, after visiting the doctor to have some plantar warts taken care of, I said to my four-year-old, "Ooh, that doctor really did a number on my foot!"
To which she replied, "What number was it?"

Another time at an extended family dinner the adults were deep in conversation about selling arms to China - a topic in the news at the time. I glanced over at two wide-eyed horrified children. They were clutching their arms to their bodies, while their imaginations conjured up piles of human arms being packaged up and mailed to China. And what on earth did China need arms for?

It's an art, being able to see things from a child's perspective. But an art that brings a freshness to any writing. And that kind of freshness brings me joy.

There's a story I need to write - someday. I can't do it right now. It's still too painful. There's nothing there. The words won't come. 
But I don't see this as writer's block. I know God will tell it through my pen in due season and I am content to wait for His timing.

In the meantime I choose joy, and I will write about other things.

Joy blossoms from a thankful heart.
It says, "God, I see what you did there. Thank you!"

Joy in the gift of writing.

Joy in the act of writing and all that it entails.

Joy in creation and creativity.

Joy in fresh perspectives.




  1. Joy. Joy in... Your parents named you well, my friend. Seeing and hearing the world through a child's eyes is a wonderful way to get a fresh view, and your writing reflects that. I appreciate the wisdom of waiting for the right time to write of the painful times as well. God will tell you when. Thanks for listening to him!

  2. You gave both cause to chuckle with the arms story, and pause to reflect on timing, and expressions of Joy in the waiting ... Thank-you!

  3. Anonymous1:08 pm GMT-7

    A child's perspective of seeing things new and sometimes so literal is refreshing! Thank
    you for the reminder.

  4. I am reminded of the classic TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD - written from a child's perspective but such a powerful book.

  5. Your story reminded me how innocent children are and how their words tend to shed a different light on things.

  6. Beautiful, joy-filled post. And your voice is so unique to you--and it's fabulous. Thanks.

  7. I appreciate what you're saying, Joy. I worked with elementary children, mostly in grades K - 3, and we teachers often shared the sweet and innocent things our students said--because of their fresh perspective. I also like the things you list about writing that are joyful jobs. Thanks for this reminder.

    I too have a subject I've been thinking about for years, knowing I "should" tackle it before, well, let's say it's on some sort of what I reluctantly call a "bucket list." Although I have touched on it recently, I too am trusting God to know when the time is right, or when the fruit is ripe for the picking.


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