April 24, 2015

Fresh Inspiration by Tandy Balson

Like new growth appearing in the spring I await new inspiration for writing.  Will my words burst forth like the budding leaves on the tree in my front yard?  

In nature the new growth is preceded by a period of dormancy.  I don’t normally take the time needed to rest, reflect and nourish my creativity.  Last week I did just that.

My daughter and I went on a Caribbean Cruise to celebrate her birthday.  Internet was far too costly on the ship, so no email was checked.  Other than journaling the events of each day I did no writing.  Many hours were spent sitting in the sun reading a good book.

I came home refreshed and full of ideas.  Will I write about the two little monkeys I held and how it felt when one decided to climb onto the top of my head?

How about being terrified to try snorkeling and my daughter holding my hand in the water until I was comfortable?  And oh, those tropical fish!

The deep turquoise of the sea was calming and nourished my soul.  A trek through a tropical rain forest to stand behind a waterfall was incredible.  I held a fresh cinnamon leaf and learned how our popular spice is made.

These and so many more thoughts are now taking shape, anxiously waiting to flow through my fingertips and become stories to share.  

I can see the lessons learned from the flight delays and luggage that was damaged.  The laughter and the heart to heart talks all enriched me.

A break from writing while experiencing new adventures was just what I needed to infuse me with fresh inspiration.   I can’t wait to get started!


  1. This is a delightful post, Tandy, and such a good reminder of how we do need breaks from our writing. I look forward to reading your stories, like how it feels to have a monkey in your arms and even on your head. Travelling with your daughter sounds like so much fun.

  2. Perhaps these anecdotes will make it into the sequel to your newly released book... instead of devotionals from everyday things, devotionals from out of the ordinary things?

  3. You remind me of something I usually remember, but sometimes forget. When things seem to go wrong (flights and luggage?) it's simply more material for writing. When you're a writer, life is a spectator sport!

  4. What a lovely post, Tandy. I recently enjoyed a vacation to Mexico and my husband asked me not to bring my laptop. I thought it would be a very inspiring place to write however he did not want me distracted. It was very freeing just to being together, taking in the local culture and beauty and giving praise and thanks in my journal. I came back refreshed and ready to write again. How wonderful to have made this memory with your daughter!

  5. Thanks for a great post, Tandy! Sometimes all we need is a break away to be refreshed and inspired!

  6. Anonymous2:44 pm GMT-7

    New experiences are fuel for a writing aren"t they? And having fun! Glad you had a chance to experience both along with rest!

  7. I look forward to reading all about your experiences, Tandy. God is good.


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