April 29, 2015

Doing it Afraid - Ruth L. Snyder

How do we keep our writing fresh?

The typical answers that come to mind are:

  • Read books (Good books inspire; Poorly written books instruct)
  • Go for a walk in nature (This revives our spirits, gets the blood pumping, and helps us think more clearly.)
  • Keep a writing notebook (Throughout our days we see, hear, and experience things which will be helpful in our writing. Capture ideas before they evaporate: a quote, a description of a scene, how someone looks/acts, a topic that captures the imagination.)
  • Take time periodically to write down everything that comes to mind (This is called a brain dump. You'll find that you are able to both record what you're thinking about and make more space for new ideas.)

Lately God has been challenging me to take more risks with my writing. 

I don't like risks! 

I like to be in control. I like to feel safe. I like other people to like me. I like congratulations and awards.

I don't like to make mistakes. I don't like to do things when I'm not sure of the outcome. I don't like to be wrong. I don't like to be corrected. 

Simply put - I'm proud. I'm sinful. I'm selfish.


God wants me to be obedient. To follow Him into the unknown. To put aside my selfish desires. To reach out to people I may not understand or naturally love.

What does this mean for my writing?

  • Taking every opportunity God brings my way
  • Trying new topics
  • Learning new things
  • Being transparent
Sometimes I feel like I'm jumping off a cliff, but my feet are probably still planted on firm ground. I have a long ways to go! But I'm taking the first step - saying, "Yes, Lord."

Just imagine what God could do if we all gave Him complete control!

Anybody want to go cliff jumping with me?


  1. Brain dumps are very useful for coming up with good stories. I do a lot of dumping! Good luck with your risk taking!

  2. Cliff jumping - reminds me of a scene in one of the Indiana Jones movies... looks like a cliff but God has prepared a path. Let's jump In faith!

    1. I like that, Marnie - "looks like a cliff but God has prepared a path." Yes! Let's jump :)

  3. Oh, Dear Ruth, that person you were describing right under your poster, "Always do what you're afraid to do," how did you get to know me so well? You were talking about me, for sure. You struck a nerve. Ouch! God wants me to be obedient also. He'd like me to be a cliff jumper too. Let's pray for each other. Thanks.

  4. Anonymous4:57 pm GMT-7

    Thank you for the tips! And, yes cliff jumping would be a new experience to endure especially knowing He won't let us hit the ground hard! He will place us in our feet for our next adventure!

  5. Sharon,
    Thanks for being transparent too :) Welcome to the cliff jumper crew. Yes, let's pray for each other.

    You're right. Why is it so hard for us to let go of that control and just trust our absolutely trustworthy Saviour?!

  6. Cliff jumping!? Count me in...proverbially speaking anyway! I am a real chicken off paper lol That was a fantastic post! I would say that you already went cliff jumping...I have a feeling this was a bit of a stretch or you. Great job! If we are going to reach new heights in our writing, we have got to climb the mountains...even if the air is a bit thin up there! Thanks for this Ruth, I love watching writers grow!

  7. Your words convict me. Again! The Lord has told me not only to accept when he brings a challenging assignment to me, but to ask before I accept the easy, self-affirming ones, too. Sometimes he says, "Yes, I know you'd like to do that, but not this time. I'm taking you into uncharted territory and you can't spread yourself too thin." In this season, the rule is 'Ask before you jump." LOL

  8. Cliff Jumping = Writing Dangerously. I love it!

  9. I went cliff jumping in Thailand once. Admittedly, it was WAAAAAY harder than I thought it would be. To try to explain that angst while standing on the edge, knowing it will be okay but still unable to move your legs. Yikes--if that's what taking risks in my writing means, then I better be on the look-out for more "edges" and prepare my heart to jump! Thanks for this post Ruth.


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