September 26, 2011

Real Food Matters - Karen Toews

Real food matters is my brand new baby whose birth has been a long time coming.

Back to the beginning.

I grew up in a family where our eating norm was the goodness of home-prepared food from home grown products off our family farm. The gift of healthy eating, an active lifestyle (my parents didn't buy in to the line "everyone else has a TV!") and a spiritual foundation of knowing and loving God, was the blend of what I believe to be a rich heritage. Life wasn't (and still isn't) perfect but is one that feels rooted and real. That's the nutshell edition; the longer version elaborates.

Life scrolled by.

The chapters of my food story included the daily-ness of feeding me and my family, with the addition of a couple foodie business ventures, and the pleasure of cooking for guests around my table. A passion developed while experimenting and enjoying many of the raw products available through the hand of our creative God. As I searched out recipes and researched nutrition, I was fascinated to learn how food may help towards healing our bodies and protecting us from disease.

And so began my study in natural nutrition, via a distance learning nutrition program, one with a holistic approach towards healthy living. Originally, for reasons probably related to my traditional Christian upbringing, I had vague reservations about using the term holistic. Maybe it was a feeling that had to do with attaining holiness on one's own - I don't really know. But in reality, this approach addresses the whole person, which really does bode well with my core values and faith. A belief that we are a living soul: created body, mind and spirit - each part needing to be be nourished and cherished.

The present.

Making healthy food choices, being physically active, using godly principles how to feed your mind and spirit - these are all things I want to apply personally and to share with others. A large proportion of our population - the people in the communities where we live - suffer from obesity, disease, or just a nagging condition of feeling unwell. This fuels my passion to help by being a coach for better health. We will not attain perfect health this side of eternity but there are ways we can make positive healthy changes - intentional actions that reflect responsibility, respect and thanksgiving for the body God has given us.

As realfoodmatters "grows up" I trust people will be encouraged and challenged.
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