September 09, 2011

Rock My Boat - Shirley S. Tye

Happily I drifted, watching the afternoon sun's rays glisten and dance on the lake; little sparkling water jewels. I stopped paddling, scooped some water in my hand and slowly released it over my head. The refreshing water trickled down my hair and face, and unto my neck. Repeatedly I scooped water and dribbled it over my hair until my head was cool and wet. I leaned into the backrest of the kayak seat and turned my face heavenward. Soothing rays caressed my face; colouring my cheeks with natural rouge. I soaked in the quietness of the little bay.

Suddenly the peace of the lake was disturbed by the thundering of a motor. I sat up and looked around. Headed toward me at full tilt was a personal watercraft. Quickly I began paddling toward the rocky shore. My strength and speed was no match for the roaring machine. The driver turned hard on the handle bars as he stood up. The rear end of the machine appeared to sink into the water as the front end pivoted upwards like a rearing horse. The propeller churned the dark blue water into a white spume. Like a Phoenix rising from ashes, the machine triumphantly rose, splashed down hard and then speedily headed back to the open lake.

As the machine raced away, the loud sound of the whining motor softened. In its wake large rolling waves approached me. I turned my kayak into the oncoming barrage of waves and braced myself. The little boat rode easily over each one; one, two, three, four. Soon I was riding on calm water again; drifting happily and admiring the dancing water jewels.



  1. Addy Oberlin7:52 am GMT-7

    What a good story. I could visualize myself in that boat and experience the whole scene.

  2. Lovely. Thank you for a relaxing break and a short kayaking trip.

  3. "Dancing water jewels" - I lOVE that picture!


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