September 23, 2011

A Writer's Ecclesiastes - Dorothy Bentley

A time of turmoil,
(struggling to write);
A time of dedication,

A time to laugh,
(when the story is finished);
A time to cry,
(when it's rejected).

A time to watch,
(life happening around me).
A time to remember,
(those special times worth writing about).

A time to pray,
(for the Lord to guide);
A time to write,
(His words).

A time to sing,
(when something is published);
A time to mourn,
(when I realize something I wrote is rubbish).

A time to live,
(so I have something to write about);
A time dance,
(when someone is moved by my work).

A time to learn,
(always more to learn);
A time to teach,
(others how).

A time of peace.


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