October 20, 2015

Thankfulness in a Small Bundle by Joylene M. Bailey

I have to admit, I haven’t been very thankful lately. Family illness, constant pain, and lack of sleep have ganged up together to rob me of my joy.

Considering the fact that my blog is all about finding joy in everyday life, this is a problem. And it has been niggling at me that I haven’t posted there in awhile.

And then thankfulness arrived in a small spirited bundle. My 23-month old grandson came to visit. 

There is something about being with a toddler that beckons wonder into every moment. Listening to the crunch of fallen dried leaves as we stomp on them, learning new words, celebrating a tower that got to be 7 blocks high, and laughing at the most nonsensical things - these activities, among many others, have reminded me that being thankful for the little things leads to being thankful for the big things.

Just like Bryan Norford wrote in his post this month, “In all circumstances, our joy, peace, and sense of well-being all depend on being thankful.” 

It's true. I'm still in pain. I still need sleep. But being thankful has brought back my joy. Thank God - and an energetic little boy - for that!

Joylene entertains her active little grandson in Edmonton where she lives with her husband - the Cowboy - and looks for joy in everyday life. Find her at scrapsofjoy.com


  1. "...a small spirited bundle". When we're hurting, we tend to want to hide away in the dark, the quiet. But your post reminds me, being exposed to simple things that are filled with unbridled life is what will bring my focus back to joy. Thank you for this, Joy.

  2. I guess that's why we are supposed to become like little children!

  3. Children bring us back into the moment, don't they? May you continue to experience wonder moments in the everyday, Joy!

  4. I too am thankful for the grandchildren. May I remind both parents and grandparents to enjoy their young ones and to write down those cute things they say and do. We laugh years later about my dad's grandchildren stories.

  5. Oh, I can SO relate to this post. Sydrah STILL fills my heart and life with joy and the excitement of little things whenever I spend time with her. "A little child shall lead." Why can't our faith be simply that? Simple. I am learning to work through my pain too, albeit a different kind.

  6. Children truly are a gift from the Lord. Thanks for this post.

  7. My nephew once said about his young children, "Looking at their faces is what life's all about." Children are a gift.

  8. I can sure relate to the tough times, Joylene, and you certainly put your finger on one thing I am most thankful for: children (even the high school students I work with!). I've been dragging the last little while (the time change and messed up sleep patterns? the lack of sunlight? the cold weather? Yes, probably all of the above!), and just 2 days ago something bounced me out of it. It was a book I found at the library in the humor section (817 :)) called Reasons my Kid is Crying, by Greg Pembroke. Instantly I was laughing so hard I could hardly breathe. No, it's not pain or fear or hunger or wet diapers. For these children in the full page photographs the reasons they are crying are such tragedies as... "I broke the cheese in half!"... "Waaah, why can't I pick up the dog poop!"... "Daddy won't let me lick the bottom of my shoe!". Thank you God for children and for laughter!


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