November 29, 2020

Blogging for inScribe...

What a wonderful group of bloggers we have here on the InScribe Writers' Online Blog!  

If you are a regular contributor, THANK YOU! 

If you were a guest blogger, THANK YOU!

If you wrote a review, made a comment, or shared this blog on your Social Media platforms, THANK YOU! 

So, what's next for the IWO blog in 2021? 

Well, we will continue on, of course, because this is such a wonderful place for members of our organization to share their ideas, practice their writing skills, and connect with one another. 

For those who are regular contributors, you've already been contacted about your plans for 2021. If you are a member of InScribe, you are cordially invited to join us, either as a regular or a guest blogger. If you're just visiting but like what you see, please share or comment. 

The current moderator, (Tracy Krauss) is looking to step down sometime in 2021, so if you feel this is a ministry you would like to take on, please contact her. 

In the meantime, keep on blogging!

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