April 12, 2020

Easter Guest Post - Caran Jantzen

The Great I Am
(Caran Jantzen, 2019)

Sacrificial Lamb, the great I Am
Stretched out across a tree
Nails driven deep
Torn flesh weeps
His blood poured out for me

Crucified Lamb, the great I Am
Lifted high for all to see
His willing choice
Their mocking voice 
Come down and we’ll believe

Slaughtered Lamb, the great I Am
His body lifted off the tree
In final breath
He conquered death
Sin’s curse has been defeated

Risen Lamb, the great I Am
Lifted high for all to see
With arms stretched wide
By Father’s side
He is waiting patiently

Almighty Lamb, the great I Am
Returning for all to see
With lightning flash
And trumpet blast
He will come victoriously

Little lamb, do you know I Am?
He alone can set you free
Free from sin’s grasp
From death at last
If only you believe


  1. Thank you for this inspiring poem. He is Risen!

  2. Thank you for the poetic reminder, Caran. The Easter story in a few verses. Nice touch!


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