September 18, 2019

To Trust Him More - Gloria Guest

As I write this, fall has gently touched down on the prairies of southern Saskatchewan basking us in golden, sunshiny afternoons that turn to gradually, cooling evenings and rich, colorful sunsets that seem to literally spill across the sky.  Although I have come to appreciate the prairies in all of its seasons, I grew up in southern Ontario where my love of the fall season first began. I still remember kicking through the large, bright red maple leafs on my way home from school and watching the squirrels racing from tree to tree with their cheeks filled with their winter treasures. In fall, a warmth of thanksgiving spreads through my soul. I also feel nostalgic, introspective and as I enter the season I often find myself pondering heading into the much less welcome winter season and  like those

squirrels, how to best prepare myself for it.

This fall season has been no different. I feel a stirring of the winds of change upon my soul in various areas of my life, including my writing and the direction it needs to go; directions that I may not have set out to plan but that are necessary to get me through the next season.

And so, with nothing but thankfulness for the opportunities that I have had to participate in writing on this Inscribe Blog and the many connections that it has brought into my life, I am choosing to let the sun set a little early for me on this blog and this will be my last post.

This month’s blog topic was a very challenging one for me, asking what I would like Jesus to do for me in my writing life and in this season of life. That is a big question, especially for someone who tends to get lost in my questions and then the maze seems to never end.

However, Tracy Krauss’ post which talked about ‘just being’ was an inspiration for me and helped to clarify for me that what I really seek from Jesus at this time in my life, writing and otherwise, is His quiet presence. I have often felt desperate to have my answers whenever I’ve approached Jesus but now I realize that more than answers, all I really need is His warm touch to spread through my soul.

There is a popular meme that floats around Facebook depicting the fall season with a saying that says, “The trees are about to show us how beautiful it is to let go.”

Perhaps not coincidentally, even as I’m writing this, my new favorite Christian singing duo, Caleb & Kelsey are singing on YouTube in the background, “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.”

I do have a few plans. I have some 'winter treasures' to get me through the next season, just like those cheeky, little squirrels.  Some are to write, mostly on my memoir and my own blog. Some are to take some editing classes, something that has interested me for a while. I'm branching out into other creative endeavours such as stained glass classes (I love the aspect of broken pieces being made into something beautiful).  The most important plans are to continue on my own personal journey of hope and healing. In my blog posts over these past few years some of you have come to know some of my  struggles. I’m thankful for the opportunity that I was given to share those in trust with people who I felt cared. I think it has also been a testing ground for me, to see if I was ready to share more in depth in my memoir. We will see. All I know is that I need to continue to rest in God’s grace and let Him lead me. Just as the song says; "Oh for Grace to trust Him more."

Gloria Guest writes, blogs and enjoys the changing seasons from her cozy little house on the prairies in Caron, Sk. where she resides with her husband and two cats.


  1. That's one of my favourite old hymns -- its words are always fresh and new and encouraging. A beautiful post, Gloria. Thanks for giving us a glimpse of the season you are in. We've been watching our neighbour squirrel as he packs his cheeks with provender and scampers away with, as you called it, his winter treasures.

  2. What I love about new seasons, and when we let something go, often another creative endeavour comes upon us. My late father did stain glass when he retired and I treasure those he gave me so very much now.

  3. Thanks for this lovely and descriptive 'last post' Gloria. We will be sad to lose your voice and perspective here on the blog, but totally understand how the changing seasons call us elsewhere. God bless - and if you ever feel the urge to join us again either on a regular basis or through a guest post, don't hesitate to do so!

  4. So beautifully written, Gloria! Love the concept of “just being”. God keeps taking me back to the same thing whenever I ask for direction. Will miss your posts here Gloria, but I’ll watch for your blog!

  5. Like Tracy and probably quite a few other reader, I hope you'll pop in with a guest post for us when you can. You have a beautiful writing voice, and I love what you said about autumn in general, and autumn in Saskatchewan--the province of my birth. May God continue to bless, heal and guide in your upcoming season.

  6. Gloria, I can so relate to your concept of getting lost in the maze of the question. I have appreciated your voice in the blog as well, and do understand the further journey, and the confusion rather than clarity that happens at times. I think the stain glass classes sound wonderful. I also love the idea of bringing the beauty out of the brokeness. Blessings, and encouragement for you as you seek to spend time on your memoir. That is another powerful journey-God will strengthen as you need it. Hugs to you, and thank you for your many, many lovely posts!!


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