September 03, 2019

Bottoms Up By Lynn J Simpson

My nephew and his wife, Laura, were blessed in June with their third child, a healthy baby boy. One afternoon I happened upon a mall craft show where I found fleece baby blankets with sewn in leg pockets. I thought they were the cutest thing. In a few weeks I’d be on my way to Ontario (from Alberta) for another nephew’s wedding and would be stopping in to visit the baby. So I bought a blue blanket patterned with colourful dinosaurs and red leg pockets. But when packing, I wondered if I had time to stop in at Indigo for a prettier present. See, Laura has a home fit for House & Home magazine. And I was sure she wouldn’t like the blanket. 

I did visit Laura and her beautiful baby but (conveniently) left the blanket behind at my sister’s. However, I few days after I’d returned home, I received a Facebook message from Laura exclaiming how much she loved the blanket. And could I get her in touch with the crafter?


A completely opposite reaction than what I expected. Laura had turned what I thought I knew of her upside down. And even though I was glad she liked the blanket, I (again) wondered how, in this current season of life, my expectations of reactions and outcomes are, more often than not, upside down. 

Maybe it’s my shifting hormones or reaching the upcoming mid-50’s birthday that has me questioning the roads I’ve chosen, my goals and my dreams. I question the time and money I’ve spent on activities including the website that sits idle, the box of business cards with a professionally designed logo that no longer applies, and the stack of self-published journals I no longer market (and wonder what value they have). 

When spending nights alone, I question choosing to stay single until my children grew and established homes of their own. Now that I’m an empty nester—well—I thought my world would look different than it is. 

Recently when I drove my grandchildren for a day at a lake, I took wrong turns heading east instead of west, twice. 

And, just the other day, it was a couple of hours after I dressed before I noticed my sweat pants were on backwards, the front pockets on my bottom instead of on my front. 
In the movie “Mary Poppins Returns” there is a delightful scene when Topsy (played by Meryl Streep) sings about her every second Wednesday when “my whole world goes flippity-flop like a turtle on its back. And I don't know my up from my down, my east from my west, my topsy from my bottomsy!”

I think that just might become my current season theme song. 

Fall season is usually when I rev my life up with courses and new activities. However, this fall season, I’m turning that upside down too, and choosing to only sign up for skating lessons (something I’ve always wanted to do to spend less time on my ‘bottomsy’) and drop leadership roles and other activities for a season. And instead of goals, focus on intentions such us letting writing become fun again. 

Maybe God’s leading me to become right-sided up so I take in a new view, similar to the advise Mary Poppins sang to Topsy.

“Well, knock on wood, my dear!
When you change the view from where you stood
The things you view will change for good”

One thing I know for sure in this season and every season, is He is always doing something new for our good, even if our season seems upside-down and topsy turvy.  

Isaiah 43:19
See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.

You can also find Lynn's musings on life's seasons at Lynn J Simpson-a gal doing life a step at a time


  1. I enjoyed this post so much, Lynn. I think we all go through these times of questioning and change... I also had to laugh at some of your examples!

  2. I'm glad it gave you a few chuckles Tracy!

  3. I can so identify with going through a phase where I second-guess myself. Then, I appreciate how you shift your perspective and accept this season of change. Sometime we are just due for a shift in priorities or our awareness of possibilities. Skating lessons, and dropping some previous commitments may make room for new possibilities in your life.

    The verse from Isaiah is the perfect ending to your blog and it has me thinking too. "Isaiah 43:19
    See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.” Thanks, Lynn.

    1. Thanks Sharon! It's encouraging to know that I'm not the only one who is going or gone through this type of season!

  4. What a wonderfully-written post, Lynn! Thank you for sharing. When God does new things, they're always good things, even though the process isn't necessarily easy or even enjoyable. But oh, when we come through to all He has for us!

    1. Yes, processes can be frustrating! So important to be grateful for all that is good now, like sunshine and my pants are on right! lol! Thanks for your words here Susan.

  5. I so enjoyed your post, Lynn. I'm happy to hear that you intend to spend this season making writing fun for yourself again.

    I think the blanket story is a perfect reminder to ourselves that, even as we are changing as life progresses, other people around us are doing the same thing, hence the surprises.

    Loved the Mary Poppins' reference -- it fit perfectly!

    1. Yes, fun is up on my intention list. :) To see the sense of humour in life's seasons instead of grumbling is so important to help keep a attitude of gratitude. Watching Mary Poppins' Return was a lot of fun too. Maybe you'll like it too, Brenda!

    2. Yes, we enjoyed the new Mary Poppins when it came out. That particular song too.

  6. Everyone has their directional challenges - our family just has more than most. Wrong turns are our specialty. Lovely piece of writing.

  7. I loved this post, Lynn. And I love how people (like your niece) and situations can surprise us. But you are taking it all in stride and even welcoming this new season with open arms. The best way to approach it!

  8. Hi Lynn! I enjoyed your fun, yet real post. Being now in my mid-sixties (how did that happen?) change is something I'm settling into. While I'm pretty sure I would know right away if I put my pants on "topsy to bottomsy," I have been known to have my shirt inside out. I can relate to writing for fun again. "Retirement" was a big change for me. This, for the most part, has all sorts of fun embracing me. I'm enjoying my journey. Reading your happy words causes me to see you are happy as well. If so, enjoy your journey, Lynn. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing how your life has sometimes been Topsy-turvy, Lynn. I especially related to your comment that God"is always doing something new for our good, even if our season seems upside-down and topsy turvy." And thanks for the verse in Isaiah!!

  10. Lynn,
    Thanks for sharing what God is doing in your life. May this season delight, refresh, and encourage your heart!

  11. People who don't like a gift and say so aren't really friends at all. They're the type who would complain that heaven has nothing to complain about.


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