July 27, 2018

Get Those Contest Entries In!

Yes, inScribers, it is THAT time of year again! Polish up your prose, poetry, or even a song and enter this year's Fall Contest. It's a wonderful opportunity to refine your work, get feedback, and maybe even win a cash prize!

Here are the categories:
            Devotional – Up to 300 words, including scripture.
            Poetry – Any style, up to 40 lines
            Nonfiction Essay to Conference theme, “The Art of Words”, up to 1500 words
            Adult Fiction – Any genre, up to 1250 words
            Songwriting – Any genre, MP3 recording & 1-2 pages lyrics with chords

For more details, check the website.   

The deadline to send your entries is September 1st, 2018, and you will email your entries in an attached Word document to contests@inscribe.org

Do you have questions? Please contact the contest coordinator at contests@inscribe.org

Happy writing!

(And of course, don't forget to register for Fall Conference, too! It will be a fantastic time of encouragement and learning.)

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