October 22, 2017

Writing Resources of a Newbie Writer! Alan Anderson

When I read the writing prompt for October my first response was “mommy!” As a newbie writer I’m still finding my way regarding resources for my writing. With your indulgence, loving readers, I will take a crack at giving you some idea of my resources to date.

As I strive to become more skilled as a writer I notice there are a whole bunch of resources I can turn to. I find it somewhat overwhelming as I seek out resources. It is kind of like going to a large restaurant with a massive menu with so many choices. What to do, what to do?

Right now I’m taking a basic writing course through Udemy. It is probably too basic for most InScribe writers but, hey, I’m still learning! I’m enjoying the discovery of how even more wonderful words are as I hopefully progress as a writer. Courses, therefore, are a resource I turn to.

My most valuable resource for my writing is found in real life people. Every person I meet is a walking, breathing story being written. People are the greatest texts from where I can learn about life. They are my teachers. The ins and outs of the deep things of life are modeled most successfully from being with people. I can then be with my word friends in a more intimate way. I can feel them and I can appreciate each word's unique beauty. I love that!

At this point in my writing life I appreciate the giftedness of such people as Jeff Goins as well as a number of our InScribe members. All are gifted in their own right to write. They each offer me tools I can use to become more skilled in my writing.

I especially love my InScribe writer friends as a resource. When I ask them a question or ask them to critique something I am writing I receive a response from them personally, not from an assistant. I like the personal touch.

In particular I enjoy the instruction I receive from Jeff Goins in his books. For instance, I like the idea of finding one’s “tribe.” These are people who resonate with who you are as a writer. Your tribe is drawn to what one writes and is a great base for your writing to become known. That is what I am striving for - a tribe who recognizes my writing “voice.”

In his book, “You Are a Writer,” Jeff Goins states there are three “important tools” for successful communication including writing. These three are:
1.   A platform to share your writing
2.   A brand to build trust with readers
3.   Channels of connection to distribute your art.
I’m also discovering that all three of these tools take constant work.

Oh boy, as I look over this post it doesn’t seem like one that will shoot to the first spot of the greatest InScribe blog posts. That’s good in a way. It causes me to stay humble as I persevere in my writing.

Turning to resources for assistance or help shows me I am not alone in my writing. There are indeed those fellow travelers along the highway of words I walk on. That’s cool!

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  1. You are spot on with this post, Alan! Learning from others is key, I think. Also, Jeff Goins is a wonderful resource. I have read and admired many of his books and he was a VIP Day guest one year at our fall conference.

  2. Thank you Tracy! I think being a writer means we are also life-long learners. It is also fun!

  3. Great post, Alan! We're all constantly progressing along our chosen writing path, whether or not we're a "newbie." It's so fantastic to have a wonderful writing "family" like InScribe to share our trials and triumphs along the way.

  4. Thank you for taking the time to comment Nina! Yes, having InScribe is great for me. I agree with you about progressing in our writing. Keep on writing!

  5. This is a wonderful post! I recognize your voice - truthful and from the heart. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you my friend Vickie! Isn't it great we get to each other's voice? You are a wonderful voice my friend!

  6. We are indeed pilgrims on life's journey as John Bunyan so beautifully pointed out a few hundred years ago. The way we can be teachers and students of one another is magnificent. I love your "newbie" image of our being "fellow travelers along the highway of words." Thanks again, Alan, for teaching me.


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